Are you a muggle struggling for a cheap, Easy Halloween costume? Look no further than these five simple ideas for inspiration. Even better - many of the materials you'll need to create these costumes you'll probably have lying around. Some of these ideas need only a few components and some are a little more complex but have a gander around your local thrift shop for materials. Only a real Harry Potter fan will recognize these costumes.

Here are five ingenious costumes to unleash your love for Harry Potter just in time for Halloween!

1. Horace Slughorn

Arguably the best or worst Potions teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Professor Slughorn is an easy and comfortable quick costume. You will need a bathrobe, a printer, and an empty bottle. Print out a firewhisky label from Google Images and tape or glue it to the bottle. Don your bathrobe and tuck the bottle into the front pocket. You can add a fancy belt or glue a bit of sparkly trim to the bathrobe to add to the effect.

2. Dobby the House-elf

One of the most beloved sidekicks in the series, Dobby the house-elf only needs a couple of things. Wrap a solid colored bedsheet around yourself, tying at the shoulder, similar to a toga. Then, simply slip on mismatched socks.

Tip: Use socks that have bright, crazy patterns to mimic Dobby's love for color and style.

3. Dudley Dursley

Harry Potter's lazy, oafish, but ends up being alright cousin gives you an excuse to use up a food-stained shirt before laundry day. Simply stuff a pillow into the shirt and tuck it into your pants. Carry around some candy bars and you're done.

Feel free to add a napkin bib for something extra.

Let's get a little more crafty with the last two!

4. The Golden Snitch

The elusive winged golden snitch makes a sweet, adorable costume guaranteed to grant you 150 points at Quidditch, or your friend's Halloween party. Get about 2 yards of white fabric, either from the fabric store or cut up a thrifted oversized white shirt, scarf, or sheet.

Lay it out, fold in half horizontally, and gather in the middle. Use a safety pin to secure it. Use smaller safety pins to attach the ends to elastic hair ties. Pin the middle section to the back of a yellow dress or shirt. Put on the dress and slip the hair ties onto your wrists like bracelets to activate the wings. Voila! Simple golden snitch costume. Wear gold eyeliner, lipstick, hair clips or use golden puff fabric paint to add details to enhance the magic.

5. Bellatrix Lestrange

If a spooky costume is more up your alley, DIY the creepy and cruel Death Eater. It's pretty simple: Wear a long sleeve black top with a long black skirt and a pair of black boots. Don't worry about brushing your hair for this costume, keep it messy.

Go with smokey, dark makeup and paint a 12-inch dowel or pencil with cheap black nail polish for a wand. Optional: If you want to up the death eater look, draw a Dark Mark on your arm with a black pencil eyeliner.

There you go! Five simple and affordable Harry Potter inspired Halloween costumes. Happy Halloween!