Oh, Monday. The morning we all want to stretch, turn off the alarm, and roll over to go straight back to sleep. Unfortunately, that's a routine best suited for the weekend. The least-liked day of the week, Monday can be quite a downer. The thing is, the way your Monday goes can really set the tone for the rest of your week, so it's important to start your Monday off right.

Here are some simple strategies to keep your chin up and make your Monday manageable.

The night before: To avoid scrambling in a panic in the morning trying to get ready, set time aside Sunday night for prep.

Pack your lunch and keep it in the fridge for freshness. Set out your favorite mug by the Coffee pot with the proper amount of coffee already in there, or a tea bag by the kettle if coffee isn't your thing. Have a simple and filling breakfast planned to make so you don't stand staring inside your pantry, wasting time.

A scrambled egg with whole wheat toast and fruit, an apple with nut butter and yogurt, or trendy overnight oats are all yummy options. Pack your bag and set your devices to charge near the door so you can grab them all on the way out, rather than hunting all over for what you need. Set your clothes out on a chair to eliminate decision making in the morning.

Avoid setting too many alarms.

Having a bunch of alarms set earlier than you know you'll actually get up is not only annoying, it is counterproductive. Set one alarm and train your body to get up to that one.

In the morning: When you wake up, drink a glass of water. This helps get your metabolism going. With everything set out the night before, you can take more time in the morning to relax.

Enjoy a warm shower, savor a warm mug of caffeine, maybe go for a short walk, do some yoga, meditate or watch the news. Make list of the things you'd like to get done this week, having them written down somewhere will keep them from rattling around your head during the day.

Hopefully you're now in a better mood, having avoided unnecessary stress!

During the rest of your Monday

Being productive is a great feeling, so take a break every couple of hours to stand up, stretch, and walk around a bit. Keeping blood flowing in your body is really important for numerous health reasons, but taking the time to do so will help remind you to relax.

During your lunch break, consider taking a walk around outside or in the office. Make sure you stay hydrated, so balance out each cup of coffee with a glass of water. Having to take breaks to walk to the bathroom can also help distance yourself from a screen and reset your mind.

Once you get back home, take off your work clothes and get into something more comfortable. Make sure you feed yourself a good dinner, don't just order take out.

Like breakfast, have a few simple, go-to recipes on hand that take very little time to make. A stir-fry is quick, customizable, and a good way to incorporate vegetables into a meal. Enhance a simple salad with fruit like tangerines and protein like quinoa or chicken.

Don't drink caffeinated beverages, try an herbal tea instead. If you prefer something more grown up, stick to one glass of wine or one bottle of beer. Rather than binge watching a TV show into the wee hours of the night, stick to a couple episodes and then switch to a good book or even a magazine. Cutting down on screen time before bed will help you fall asleep easier. Follow the same steps for Monday Night to make your Tuesday morning streamlined too.

One final piece of advice: take time out of your Monday to appreciate the little things. Doing so can keep you feeling more positive and therefore, more productive.

Monday may never be anyone's favorite day of the week, but using these tips can make it more agreeable.