The Exotic pet industry is slowly growing, and it has become a serious topic. People are not only keeping dogs or cats as Pets, but they are also keeping animals normally seen in the wild. To take on an exotic animal as a pet, you need to put up with some challenges - like feeding them. Many Americans might be surprised to realize that some people are housing animals that are usually seen in zoos. Here is a list of the Animals People are taming.

1. Cheetah

The cheetah is considered the fastest land animal and the fact that it’s in cat family many people are domesticating it, assuming it’s a big kitty.

According to, you can see some people walk around with cheetahs like puppies in some parts of America. Some critics might think the people who own cheetahs are crazy, but what if that’s their way of living their “American dream?” A few States in America have legalized rearing of exotic animals, even though some of them might be dangerous.

2. Bearded dragon lizard

If chills run across your body when you encounter reptiles or amphibians, then you should be aware that actually there are people who live with them. According to, the dragon lizards might look scary, but surprisingly, they are gentle. They love to be fondled and enjoy occasional misty showers. You will have to keep the pet in a glass aquarium.

They are active during the day and take night naps. The Bearded Dragon Lizard can play with your children and your other pets. Some people love taking selfies with this animal.

3. Fennec foxes

These animals live in the desert, and rearing one is like taking a fish out of the water, according to That’s not a serious issue though, and the fact that these animal bonds with its proper owner, makes it one of the most popular and easiest exotic animals to manage The animals dropping are dry since they are desert dwellers and need to conserve water.

The foxes are harmless and weight the same as a Chihuahua. It is because of these facts about the animal that people are comfortable rearing them.

4. Crocodile

Crocodiles are super-infamous, and these reptiles can grow to enormous sizes. According to, crocodiles, just like lizards are easy to tame and not very harmful.

However, after they start to grow, keeping them tame becomes stressful. The more a croc' grows, the more food you will have to feed it, and the more space it will require. What’s more annoying is that the animal needs a specialist to control them and proper fencing to keep them confined. Your neighbors would not probably want to see the reptile in their pools, and therefore you will have to control this powerful pet in any way possible. Surprisingly, some people put up with the animal.