When we think of the word "gang," we don’t normally think of women. Of course, women are just as capable as men but are not thought of as much when it comes to organized crime.

If a modest, mature lady walks up the steps in the courtroom, many can’t help but feel considerate. Don’t be fooled, because female gang bosses also in line to take steps to the courtroom. There is no room for sympathy though and people should not be fooled. Women have made their own name when it comes to secretive dealings.

Female gang members function within either entirely female gangs or mixed-gender gangs.

Female gang membership parallels male membership in many ways. Here is a list of top five most Dangerous Female gangsters in the world.

1. Maria Licciardi

Maria Licciardi was an Italian criminal who was nicknamed “La Piccolina’’ or the “The little girl.” According to the Globe and Mail, she was the boss of the Camorra clan in the city of Naples from 1993 until her arrest in 2001. She was born into the criminal lifestyle with a father and brother who were well known local gangsters. Her gang controlled drug trafficking and extortion throughout north Naples. She was involved in the killing of a girl who worked as her prostitution slave.

2. Jemeker Thompson

Nicknamed the “Queen Pin” she rose to the top of the cocaine trade during the peak of the 1980 crack epidemic in Los Angeles.

As a teenager, she was expelled from her home. Jemeker, resolute to make money fast partnered with more mature Anthony Mosley. Together they ran a successful cocaine-trafficking business and later the two would marry and have a son named Anthony. In 1993 she was arrested during her son’s graduation and she was jailed for 15 years

3. Anna Gristina

She made headlines all over the world in 2012 when she was convicted as the leader of a high-class sex trade ring.

Following a five-year investigation she had earned an estimated $10 million from her wealthy clients. Gristina was set up by an undercover officer who posed as a client. She was sentenced to six months imprisonment and five years’ probation.

4. Maria Leon

Leon was the head boss of a gang that was responsible for drug smuggling, murders and human trafficking.

She also received the backing of the Mexican Mafia, securing her position as one of the most feared gangsters in Los Angeles. The police reported that her gang had turned whole neighborhoods into “hell” and shots would be fired into the air if they ever entered. She was arrested while attending her son’s burial who shot by police. She was imprisoned for eight years in jail.