Vacations are meant to be relaxing and rejuvenating, but excessive travel tends to increase stress - thereby causing severe discomfort in your back and neck. According to the book "Your Miraculous Back: A Step-By-Step Guide to Relieving Neck & Back Pain," about 80 percent of Americans suffer from back pain or sore muscles due to long flights and uncomfortable seating arrangements. However, there are a few effective methods to significantly reduce these issues.

Take frequent strolls

Sitting in the same position for hours is the primary cause of muscle cramps and soreness.

Improper posture can lead to back pains. Taking a stroll to the restroom or stretching your muscles after an hour or two will keep the blood flow constant in your body. The blood delivers necessary nutrients and oxygen, thereby stimulating your body tissues.

Sleep or rest in proper posture

While sitting, align your spine against the seat, resting your feet steadily on the floor (in an extended position). Even if you are sitting for a prolonged period, try to keep your shoulders straight instead of curling up or leaning forward. Use a pillow behind your back or adjust the foldable pads to support your spine and avoid improper posture.

Avoid skin-tight clothes

If you are traveling on a long flight, it is always better to opt for loose clothing that will allow your skin to breathe.

Skinny jeans with tight shirts tucked in might appear impressive in meetings, but they can constrict your muscles. If you are traveling for professional a purpose, it is better to carry your wardrobe and spare a few minutes to change your clothes after you reach the destination.

Use heat wraps

If you find that traveling on long-haul flights causes you pain, you can take along some portable heat wraps to help you.

These stay warm for seven to eight hours. Heat tends to increase blood flow in the body, thereby relieving the affected areas during the flight.

Drink water instead of alcoholic drinks

Drink ample water to prevent dehydration and muscle aches. With improved fluid dynamics and volume, you can beat these problems effectively. Alcohol may appear to be tempting especially when they come free, but excessive alcohol consumption during long flights can lead to headaches and Body pain.

Limit your alcoholic drinks to one or two, and keep fruit juices or water handy to take frequent sips.

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