Worrying takes one many places. While it helps individuals solve problems, it can also suck up an individual’s emotional energy entirely, and leave them feeling anxious. There are many ways through which, individuals can rid themselves of worrying but none of them are as quick as the one discovered by Professor Hans Nordahl from the department of behavioral medicine at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Three steps to stop overthinking

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Professor Hans has been able to crack the three Steps that will allow individuals to control their negative thoughts and stop themselves from over-thinking for once and all.

The first and the most crucial step is to identify and accept that darkly menacing is nothing but a waste of time. Instead, investing time into enjoying present-day scenario is more important. Professor Hans thinks that humans often feel that brooding is the same as analyzing or being self-focused. Well, it does help in becoming the best critic of one-self, if carried out for too long, it might end up having a negative impact.

The second step is to get involved in the present. More times than often, there are a lot of problems that are lying right in front of an individual, but they dismiss it as being nothing due to their pre-occupied thoughts. The best solution is this situation is to forget about the negative thoughts and distract one’s mind from getting involved in real-life situations.

The third step is to understand that running away from brooding, by distracting oneself through the use of external things, is not going to help. Professor Hans says that trying to focus away from self-thoughts can actually have an opposite effect. For example, by simply watching television, or resorting to habits like consumption of alcohol or drugs, is not going to help solve the problem.

Instead, it will make the situation way worse than it already is.

The conclusion of the report

Professor Hans concluded by stating that each individual is equipped with enough skills in order to overcome negative emotions such as worry and anxiety. The mind is a very powerful tool, and it even has the power of turning one’s thoughts into facts in a jiffy. This can cause a severe consequence on what an individual’s mood. However, resorting to the above-mentioned steps with honesty will certainly get most individuals away from consistent brooding.