A psychological complex is a twisted thought that is deep-rooted in an individual's psyche. These psychological Complexes have a deep effect on an individual's point of view and the way an individual reacts to emotional aspects, himself and other people around him.

Here are the 5 most Common psychological complexes that can be easily located in every individual.

Acknowledgement complex

A person having this sort of complex always wants acceptance and recognition in front of other people. People having this kind of complex, exaggerate about the difficult situations they face in life.

Such individuals make other people feel that they have a lot of responsibilities on them but they also have the courage to handle those responsibilities. People, with this kind of complex mostly exaggerate about the difficulties in life just to make themselves feel better.

Culpability complex

People having this kind of complex mostly found themselves guilty and accountable for every bad situation. Such individuals are highly critical about every single act they perform. So as a consequence, people having such complex don't get to understand the depth of every bad situation they face. Such individuals also are highly obsessed about the well-being of everyone even if it costs anything to them.

Complex of being dominant

People with such complex feel that they are just simply much better than others in every aspect. They consider other people around them as worthless human beings. Individuals having this complex don't even need to show themselves as a superior being in front of others. Such people are just satisfied from the fact that they exist.

Complex of being submissive

This kind of complex in a person makes him feel that he is not worthy and is inferior in comparison to the individuals around him in social circles. The behavior of such individual is not social at all. People with such complex usually tend to be very careless to themselves. They don't allow themselves to succeed in any field of life.

Oppression complex

This kind of complex is most common these days. People with such complex are always in a hurry for achieving something. So as a result, such people tend to think that other people around them, would try to get in their way. Such people, don't trust anybody and always have the idea that they are continuously being watched.

These complexes have a great impact on an individual's life.