Apple is synonymous when it comes to consumer electronics and has become one of the largest tech companies in the world. But before Apple became the electronics juggernaut that we know today, the company also had to endure several failures. Prior to the iPhones, iMacs and iPads, which are currently the company’s most popular product lines, they also managed to develop devices that are somewhat forgettable, to say the least.

With that in mind, here are some of the failed Apple products that you may now know about.

The Macintosh TV in 1993

Apple thought that it would be a great idea to develop a computer that has television capabilities; hence the Macintosh TV was born.

In October 1993, the tech giant released the computer-television hybrid, but people were not impressed. One of the main caveats of the system is that the computer and TV can’t be used at the same time and users can only hear the TV in the background.

The Mac Tv only had a measly 8 MB of RAM and featured one processor direct slot. The device was only sold around 250 stores, which contributed to its eventual downfall and just after five months from its release, the Mac TV was discontinued.

The Apple Bandai Pippin in 1996

During the 90’s, the video game industry has become more popular with the release of Nintendo’s Super NES and Sony’s PlayStation. Apple wanted to hop on the money train and capitalize the booming video game market.

Apple teamed up with Bandai, a Japanese toy maker, and developed its own gaming console called the Apple Bandai Pippin, released in 1996.

Unfortunately for Apple, the Bandai Pippin never stood a chance against video game giants Nintendo and Sony and was killed off after just one year from its release.

What was Apple thinking, giving this monstrosity a $599 price tag?

The Motorola ROKR in 2004

Apple has partnered with Motorola in 2004 to manufacture its first smartphone prior to the iPhone. The Motorola Rokr was the first device to integrate Apple’s iTunes music player.

However, the device did not sell well as it was capable of playing only 100 songs due to its firmware’s restrictions. Users also complained that transferring songs to the Motorola ROKR was very slow compared to other devices.

In addition, Apple released the iPod Nano at the same time, which has become a significant factor to the Motorola ROKR’s low sales. This move by Apple also strained their relationship with Motorola.