Many people would describe their morning coffee as hedonism at its finest. After the alarm goes off and we just want to sleep for those notorious 5 more minutes, possibly the only thing that can motivate us to get up is that first cup of the holy drink. Many health benefits of Coffee have already been proven and today we talk about how it helps our Skin.

Rich in antioxidants

With all the toxins and free radicals that our skin is exposed to on everyday basis, it could use some help. Antioxidants are commonly mentioned as very important in preventing cancer.

When it comes to our skin, antioxidants found in coffee have been proven to protect the skin and boost its lines of defense.

Fights UVA and UVB rays

People need the sun in order to get vitamin D but in the last couple of years, some are avoiding it in order to keep their skin healthy. Since many people only apply sunscreen in summer, our skin is exposed to those harmful rays very often and is pretty unprotected. UVA and UVB rays are our enemies since they come with many carcinogens which can result in life-threatening skin diseases. More and more day creams and foundations contain SPF factors and caffeine was found to protect the skin by inhibiting the DNA damage response.

Improves circulation

If taken in moderate amounts, coffee improves blood flow.

With better circulation, more nutrients come to all parts of our body, including the skin. What this means for the skin is less swelling and puffiness. You can use ground coffee as a face scrub, mix it with other ingredients that you find skin-friendly, such as olive oil or others. As any other scrub, it removes the dead skin cells and is not too harsh for your skin.

Best of all, you are sure it's 100% natural and your skin is smooth and elastic.

Helps fight cellulite

Cellulite is a commonly discussed topic nowadays and people undergo many treatments to get rid of it. As mentioned before, coffee boosts circulation. This is the key to fighting cellulite; better blood flow. Again you can use a homemade coffee scrub and use in where needed in circular movements.

You can also make coffee ice cubes and use them on the affected area.

As with everything else, one should not exaggerate with consuming coffee. It is only healthy when taken in moderation.In the world of additives, genetic modification and carcinogens, we try to go back to nature and keep things as organic as possible. Your skin deserves a fair treatment as well and this wonder drink is there to help.