Before movies go into production, writers and producers usually spend months or even years developing the ideal plot that would fit into their films. With the right story and characters, the film could potentially become a Classic if it’s able to cater to the type of audience the movie is intended for.

However, sometimes a movie’s compelling story is not enough to be a successful film. The ending should be as intriguing as the movie itself as a whole. That is why several of the movies that we know and love originally had different endings before it was canned and completely rewritten even though most of the scenes were already shot.

With that said, here are some of the classic movies that had different endings before the final versions were released.

'Titanic' in 1997

James Cameron’s “Titanic” has become an instant classic when it was released in 1997. It’s a love story about fictional characters Jack and Rose, who fall in love with each other while aboard the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

The film’s ending shows an old Rose throwing the necklace, dubbed as the “Heart of the Ocean,” into the sea before she returns to her cabin and presumably dies her sleep.

However, in the original ending, old Rose was supposed to be seen by her daughter, Elizabeth, with the ship’s captain Brock, before she could throw the necklace into the ocean.

Elizabeth and Brock think that Rose will attempt to jump into the sea so they try to stop her. Rose simply shows them the necklace and tells them that she’s going to throw it into the ocean where it belongs.

'First Blood' in 1982

This film was so successful in the box office that it spawned a number of sequels. However, becoming a franchise was not the intention of its Film Makers according to the much darker ending the movie originally had.

The first ending was supposed to be the death of John Rambo, which was Sylvester Stallone’s idea as he co-wrote the script. However, that ending did not go well with the test audience, saying that they didn’t want Rambo to be killed at the end.

This meant that producers had to use an alternate ending where Rambo was arrested at the end instead.

'Clerks' in 1994

“Clerks” is a comedy indie movie about Dante and Randal, who spend their day working in their respective stores that are right next to each other.

The film supposedly ends with Dante being murdered when a robber enters the store. This ending was highly criticized for not keeping in tone with the rest of the film. Brian O’Halloran, who played the character of Dante, also hated this ending.

Due to several complaints, the producer made an alternate ending where Dante and Randal simply closed their shops at the end of the day.