Travelling to different countries all around the world gives us a good opportunity to learn about different cultures. However, it is not safe to travel to all the countries in the world and there are some that are extremely dangerous to visit in 2017. If you visit any of these countries you may end up in trouble and possibly even encounter life-threatening situations. If you are thinking about travelling, then these are the top five countries you should avoid visiting.


Syria was once considered to be one of the best places to visit for all of its attractions.

However, things have changed drastically since then. Syria has turned out to be a war-torn country and is being severely attacked by terrorist organisations like ISIS. Simultaneously, it is also attacked by countries like the U.S and Russia. It is obvious that if you were entertaining thoughts of visiting Syria that you should rule this out for the time being.


Afganistan is another country that you should avoid visiting in 2017. The condition in some provinces of the country is really serious and it is war-torn. Many heritage places in Afganistan have already been destroyed and the locals of this country live in constant fear.


Just like Afganistan and Syria, Somalia is another country which is in complete distress. The locals are suffering from poverty and war. In recent times, terrorist and criminal activities also have spiked by a significant margin as well.

Terrorist organisations like ISIS and Al-Shabab are taking control over some parts of this African nation. It would be seriously inadvisable to visit Somalia.

North Korea

When it comes to one of the most secretive nations in the world, North Korea can be surely considered as one of them.

At the same time travelling to North Korea is not safe either. When you are visiting the state you will be kept under a close scrutiny by the travel guides. You are not allowed to do a single thing without the permission of the guides. If you are caught of doing anything which is not permitted then you have to face some serious circumstances. Recently Otto Warmbier died after being imprisoned for stealing a poster.


The main concern over visiting Iraq is the security of the country. In June this year, The U.S. government particularly warned private U.S.

citizens against traveling to or transiting through Ira or entering Syria, to engage in armed conflict. In addition to the extreme personal risks of kidnapping, injury, or death posed by such actions, legal risks include arrest, fines, and expulsion. Uness you actually wanted to go and fight, there is no reason why you would want to go to this country.