Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have your very own pod of comfort or luxury hotel room in the sky? The experience is easier to achieve than you think, while it may cost you a whole year’s college tuition, it’s as simple as booking a seat in economy, only this seat is 100 times better! Here are five of the world's most luxurious airlines that will make you feel like a royal traveler:

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways makes it to the first of this list. Executive is the word which describes how you’d feel in First Class with this airline. Tickets range from $5000-$11000, however, it doles features to match it's high price tag.

In addition to a seat that uncurls into a bed, a First-Class trip offers in-flight mobile phone service, enough room to fit another passenger, generous work surface and mini spa treatment to help you relax. Not surprised by any of this as Qatar has been awarded Airline of the year 2017 by Skytrax!

Etihad Airways

You simply can’t ask for any more than what Etihad Airways is offering -- an airplane ticket equals an apartment rental for a few hours, a permanent bed, living room, an en-suite bathroom with shower. A personal chef is at your fingertips… Now for the price, it’s about $32,000 NYC-Abu Dhabi round-trip, but don’t worry, the exceptional service from the butler will allow you to place your focus elsewhere.

Check out 'The Residence' in the YouTube video below:


Emirates was awarded ‘Best Airline in the World’ by TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards for Airlines 2017. There's no surprise -- it is easy to see why the elite have no problem with paying an average of $26,000 for a one-way flight to Abu Dhabi! A flight on Emirates affords you your own private suite, shower, yes… we are still speaking about the flight, fine dining with exquisite china, a private screen that’s the size of an average home TV set, and the ability to make calls to a person on the ground.

Like Virgin, at their main hub in Dubai, they offer chauffeur services to and from the airport in a BMW 520i.

Singapore Airlines

A round trip may cost you anywhere around $13,000 NYC-Singapore, in comparison, it’s quite a deal cheaper than Emirates but they definitely don’t hold back on giving a royal experience. In addition to all the amenities mentioned with the other airlines, Singapore has taken it a step further.

Individual cabins allow for double occupancy and the beds are separate from your actual seat. There is even a turndown service and two cabins can also convert into one.

Virgin Atlantic

Finally, there's no doubt that Virgin Atlantic is another luxury airline to die for! While for the elite it may be the smallest option for upper-class travel, for the average traveler, it will be a cut way above the rest. On-board Virgin’s Upper Class, you're already comfortable seat converts into a fully flat bed, you have award winning entertainment and direct aisle access. Other amenities include a full bar, full breakfast onboard WiFi. Depending on your current location and destination, the cost varies between $4000-$8000 per round-trip!

So there you have it, five of the world's most luxurious airlines. Be sure to share with your friends and thanks for reading!