As online shopping has become more and more present in our everyday lives, the probability of purchasing counterfeit Perfumes online is on the rise. This is also due to the significant discounts offered by online stores. Not to mention that even when bought from trusted stores, perfumes may be counterfeit. So how can we identify a counterfeit perfume?

The appearance of the packaging

The first thing to Pay Attention to is the appearance of the packaging, as original perfumes have little to no adhesive used in the packaging process. The information on the packaging should be the same as the information in the pictures of the perfume packaging available on the manufacturer’s website.

Also, when you receive your package it’s good to turn it upside down a few times, to be able to hear if any of the contents move inside the package, since many of the fake perfumes are not sealed properly. The quality of the materials used for packaging is always better in the case of original products.

The appearance of the bottle

The design of original perfumes should be flawless, so if the perfume you’re holding does not seem spill-proof, it's very likely to be counterfeit. The surface of the bottle should be smooth and there should not be any plastic in the composition of the perfume bottle. This is because original manufacturers consider the packaging and the appearance of a perfume to be almost as important as the scent, so they definitely avoid using cheap materials.

The scent of the perfume

The scent of original perfumes is much more complex than the one of counterfeit ones, so you may want to think about the overall first impression the scent leaves you. Also, it's always good to spray the perfume on your skin and wait a bit to see if the structure of the scent has top notes, middle notes and base notes.

The persistence of the scent

Even though some counterfeit perfumes may smell almost like the original ones when you first spray them on your skin, their persistence is way lower. Yes, we’ve all heard that the persistence of perfumes depends on our skin type and that it may vary from individual to individual, but if you need to reapply the product within an hour, than it's probably fake.

On the other hand, if the persistence and the overall quality of the scent still satisfy you after four or five hours, the perfume is probably authentic. Needless to say that original perfumes should not cause allergic reactions.

These are the main tips for identifying whether a perfume is original. However, as the manufacturers of counterfeit perfumes are always searching for new ways to make their products seem original, it’s always best be careful.