Its always been believed the elderly can get away with saying whatever they feel because, you know, they’re elderly. But hold on to your faux pearls because 83-year-old German fashion designer and creative director of the Chanel fashion house Karl Lagerfeld has dissed enough people to record it all in a catalogue. Recently, the outspoken, white-haired, sunglasses-wearing icon told Women’s Wear Daily that Academy Award winner Meryl Streep had ordered a custom-made gown from his couture collection to wear for tomorrow’s ceremony. However, he claims her camp canceled the order due to “finding someone who was willing to pay them” after work had already begun on the gown.

Perhaps slightly perturbed, Lagerfeld later described Meryl Streep as a genius actress but questioned her cheapness. A rep for the actress says the story is not true, adding that Streep would never wear an outfit in exchange for payment.

Karl Lagerfeld served as a guest editor for Metro in 2012 at the Paris office location. When asked his opinion on singer Lana Del Rey, he noted a preference for Adele and Florence Welch. He stressed being a great fan of Adele’s, who in his opinion had a beautiful face but was a little roundish. As for Lana Del Rey, he didn’t think she was bad at all but did wonder if she was a construct with all her implants. Del Rey has denied rumors of having lip fillers, stating that she used live in a trailer park and didn’t have enough money to even buy Cocoa Puffs so it wasn’t like she crawled from under a bridge and ran straight to surgery.

She just has a pouty mouth and is darn proud of it.

The royals get the not so royal treatment

As for Kate Middleton, Lagerfeld thinks she has a nice silhouette and is just right for that boy (Prince William). Lagerfeld told The Sun that Kate’s sister Pippa struggles though. He does not like her face and thinks she should only show her back side.

Well, feelings change. It happens. Lagerfeld later said he didn’t mean it. He thinks a simple switch in makeup would do the trick. The Chloe perfume creator never said if his observations were made while wearing those darker than dark sunglasses. Now, on the other hand, Lagerfeld thinks their mother Carole Middleton is sexier than her girls.

In 2006, he told New York magazine that the beloved Princess Diana was pretty and sweet, but also stupid. Ouch!

Sealed with a kiss and a jab

In 2009, Karl Lagerfeld said to GQ Germany that he didn’t know model Heidi Klum and that she was never known in France. Klum told Page Six that she found it bizarre Lagerfeld would say such a thing especially when he’s dressed her in the past. But Lagerfeld did not stop with Klum. He went in on her then-husband Seal as well. That same year, Lagerfeld told The Sun that he was no dermatologist but he would not want Seal’s skin. Lagerfeld pointed out how his skin looked better while the “Kiss from a Rose” singer’s skin was covered in craters. Seal suffers from the chronic skin condition discoid lupus erythematosus.