Moving to a new home is not always as straightforward as it sounds. Often times there are many elements that factor into a move that many people forget about or overlook altogether. These oversights can lead to devastating consequences that could be reduced or even eliminated with professional help. If you have a toothache you visit a dentist, if your car breaks down on the side of the road you call a mechanic or if you experience a legal issue you hire a lawyer. When moving into a new home it is wise to contract a professional Moving Company to aid with a smooth transition that can reduce moving stress and provide you with a Peace Of Mind.

Hiring professional movers can benefit you in the following ways:

1. Planning ahead frees up time to focus on other important moving day activities

Hiring a professional moving company allows you plan ahead without having to be overly concerned about all of the moving parts, or issues and concerns that are often associated with moving. Hiring movers allow you to set the date and time that everything will be taken care of. You can rest easy knowing that everything will be done on time and you will not have to scramble around dealing with last minute details. You can spend time handling other key Moving Day activities, such as:

  • Set up appointments with cable, internet or utility companies
  • Updating your new address at your local post office
  • Updating the address on your driver’s license
  • Registering your vehicle in your new city, county or state
  • Helping your children adjust to moving
  • Spend time making your new home move in ready
  • Cutting extra sets of keys for family members

2. No need to waste time or money packing

Easily eliminate the chore of packing by allowing professional movers to do all the work for you.

They will pack your entire home efficiently and with ease. Movers know how to handle your items with care, ensuring that antiques and valuables are packed properly to prevent damage during the move. If you go it alone you may pack things improperly ultimately causing damage to your beloved items. You might also purchase more boxes or cartons than you actually need, thus wasting money.

They will also be able to provide all of the bubble wrap, packing tape, and other items needed. In addition to being more efficient, professional movers will probably pack your items a lot faster than you can because they do it on a regular basis. Most moving companies also provide an unpacking service after their arrival at your new home.

3. Valuables are insured

You can rest easy knowing that your valuables are safe and covered by insurance. Keeping your prized possessions safe and damage-free is a primary concern for professional moving companies. If you break it, you have to deal with it and/or replace it at your expense. In the unlikely event that they damage or break your items, the company will foot the bill.

4. Movers have the right equipment

Professional movers have the right sized truck, equipment and gadgets to make moving a smooth and seamless process. They have access to appliance dollies, hoisting straps, ramps, specially padded trucks and even the unique allen wrench needed to dismantle your L-shaped sofa or entertainment center.

5. No need to worry about surprise expenses

Whether you are moving a few miles or hundreds of miles away there are is an extensive list of costs to keep track of if you move all by yourself. You might find yourself pondering about: How much will packing supplies cost? How much will it cost to rent a truck? How much will insurance cost for the truck? How much will gas cost? How much should I pay family or friends for help? When hiring a moving company all of these expenses will already be factored into your estimate and there is no need to worry about leaving anything out.

6. Eliminate multiple trips

If you rent the wrong size moving truck, or agree to use your Uncle’s pickup truck to save money you may end up taking multiple trips turning your move into an all-around nightmare.

After nine or ten hours of back and forth with more than half of your items still at your old home, you will definitely regret not hiring professionals. Save yourself the hassle and stress and let the movers handle your items in one trip and in one day.

7. Escape potential injury and avoid heavy lifting

There is no need to throw your back out or pull a muscle trying to lift heavy furniture. Let the professionals deal with getting your Cali-king size bed up the awkwardly angled stairs, or carry your oversized sectional into your new living room.

8. Everything stays organized

When enlisting family and friends to help with a move they are usually concerned about getting your items from point A to point B, with little concern for placing boxes in the correct rooms.

There is nothing like having to take boxes from your master bedroom down to the kitchen because they were not labeled or no one paid attention to where they belong! Movers will place furniture in its proper place and make sure that each box is in its corresponding room.

9. Familiar with the area

Maneuvering a large van or truck with all of your personal possessions in a new or unfamiliar area can be a pretty rough experience. Professional moving companies usually specialize in specific locations throughout the country and as a result, they know how to navigate the area you are moving to best and can get your items to you intact and on time.

10. Save money

For the most part, people hire professional moving companies for a peace of mind and a less stressful move.

But there are ways that hiring professional movers can actually save money in the long run. As mentioned earlier there is no need to worry about overestimating by purchasing too many moving supplies and materials that you don’t need. There is also a reduced risk that items will be damaged. There are a few additional ways that you can get the best deal when hiring a professional moving company:

  • Select the right time to move - The busiest period of the month to move is usually in the last 10 days because that is when most people vacate their homes and enter a new one. Plan to move during the middle of the month and increase your chances of negotiating a lower rate. Winter and early spring are slow months for moving companies so if possible move during this time of the year to receive better rates.
  • Purchase your own packing materials - Moving companies will supply all the packing supplies that you need, usually at an inflated price. Get your own boxes from a local grocery or retail store that discards boxes daily. Purchase discounted packing materials from a company like Search Freecycle or Craigslist’ free section for free boxes and materials, or grab free boxes and moving supplies via U-Haul’s online Box Exchange where customers can connect to share and exchange moving materials and rides too. You can also receive free moving boxes from U-Haul companies that participate in the “Take A Box/ Leave A Box” bin at all company owned locations. Even better, U-Haul guarantees to buy back any unused boxes that have been purchased as long as you have the receipt.
  • Declutter for your move - Go through all your items and toss the items that you can go without. Items that have been collecting dust and forgotten about should be the first to go. If you don’t want to toss them sell them through apps like 5miles, LetGo and OfferUp. or donate the items to charity.
  • Pack the simple stuff yourself - Save money by packing the simple stuff (i.e., clothes, books, small appliances, dishes, games, etc) on your own. Let the moving company take care of packing the heavier, expensive and more difficult items to move.
  • Designate an area for pre packed boxes - If you are paying your moving company by the hour, it would be wise to have a designated area filled with all of your labeled pre packed boxes. Doing so will help the movers get their job done faster ultimately making your rate cheaper by the hour.
  • Keep track of all your moving expenses - You may be able to deduct your moving expenses at tax time, so consult with your accountant or tax preparer.
  • Avoid moving during rush hour traffic - Again, when paying by the hour be cognizant of the time frame that you plan to move as the longer it takes to move the higher your bill will be. Avoid rush hour traffic and high traffic routes to keep the bill low.
  • Ask your employer for relocation expenses - If your move is related to business or work ask your employer if they provide relocation expenses.

11. Family and friends will appreciate you

There is o need to annoy family and friends on moving day!

Let’s face it no one likes moving, except the people that get paid to do it. Refrain from harassing loved ones on what could already be a stressful day. Hire professionals on moving day and invite family and friends to your house warming instead and hey will thank you and even bring gifts!

Hiring a moving company can significantly decrease stress and guarantee that your items get to their new destination without complications. Plan your next move with the professionals and rest easy knowing you have made the right decision.

Have you used a professional moving company on moving day? What were the pros and the cons? Let us know in the comments below!