Aerospace mogul and entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow, has a fascination with extraterrestrial life and alien creatures. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” the businessman stated that he was absolutely convinced that extraterrestrial life did exist. He also did not mince words about being the only individual in the world who had spent millions of dollars in trying to find alien life.

Robert Bigelow says aliens exist

Bigelow’s statement that he was entirely sure about the existence of extraterrestrial life revealed his conviction regarding the matter.

He was further questioned on whether he believed that an alien UFO had visited Earth at some point in time. The business mogul replied that he was sure about such spacecrafts having visited Earth since his grandparents had themselves encountered a UFO.

Bigelow described how his grandparents came face to face with a UFO just outside the city of Las Vegas. He explained that the object had approached their car and filled up their windshield with blinding light, before taking off toward the sky at a right angle. He even admitted that it is perhaps this incident which fueled his interest in the otherworldly creatures.

He also hinted at him personally having encountered extraterrestrial activity but, refused to elaborate on the subject.

His interest has also caused one of his companies to get referrals from the FAA regarding extraterrestrial activity and other strange occurrences. Bigelow stated that it was his fascination with alien life forms which resulted in the alien illustration outside his company headquarters in Las Vegas.

Bigelow says aliens are right here on Earth

The interviewer proceeds to ask him whether he thinks that humanity would encounter these alien life forms during any of the space travels, to which Bigelow responds with a surprising answer. He says that people do not need to go anywhere to find extraterrestrial life and that they are right here under people’s noses.

The conviction with which Bigelow claims these things may seem strange to some, while others may be wondering how a highly successful businessman with several companies under his belt, can claim such things without a hint of evidence. Even the interviewer asks the same to Bigelow.

Upon being asked whether Bigelow feared being branded crazy by the general public after hearing what he has to say regarding UFOs and aliens, the aerospace mogul says that he simply does not care what others think of him. He claimed he is sure about his own beliefs and it will not change just because others may think him to be out of his mind.