It is one thing to make a relationship Resolution, but another thing to actually start working on your love life. Commitment demands much more than what you signed up for and this is why you need to stick to your promise of making things work in a new year of togetherness. For this you need to implement certain things in your Relationship; pave new ways and try not to stray from that path. Have a look:

Recall the Past

It is important to evaluate how things between you two have been in the past year. To recall the ups and downs is a good practice to plan for the present.

It will help you both learn from your past mistakes and try not to repeat them.

Keep the slate clean

Forgive and forget if you want the relationship to move forwards. Keeping your boat burdened will only make it difficult to sail through. Start off with a clean slate where you both have forgiven each other for any misdeeds in the past.

Take baby steps

A relationship resolution does not imply that you make drastic changes. This will only make things tougher for both of you, as it will demand you make bigger compromises and change the dynamics completely. Make small changes but make them count. You can try for a date once in every two weeks to keep the spark in the relationship. ProFlowers suggests finding little ways to show you care can go a long way to making you grow closer.

You made yourself too available

This is the problem with a lot of people who have stayed single for a long period. They tend to expect a lot from the person who enters their life after that long lonely patch. They make desperate attempts to talk, phone, message, meet and literally put themselves out in the open to get hurt. Learn to hold your horses and never put yourself in a vulnerable area.

Avoiding red flags

You keep avoiding the signs that he/she has been giving you from the start. Your mentality doesn’t match, your interests are poles apart, you two even don’t like the same cuisine, yet you keep ignoring the signs and carry on trying to make it work. Elle suggests "When in doubt about what to do, sometimes the best thing to do is nothing," but floating along in denial is not recommended.

Keep your emotional baggage close by

According to Psychology Today, "Holding onto disappointments and transgressions only hurts you and your relationship, so learn to forgive." Instead of ditching these hurts you tend to carry the emotional baggage along into your new relationship you are trying to work on.

Try to implement these changes and bring your relationship resolution from thoughts to reality. learn from your mistakes and lead your Love Life the right way.