Formerly known as the Sherman Ranch, this plot of land has been associated with odd sightings, strange occurrences, and unexplained phenomena. Between the time when Terry and Gwen Sherman bought it in 1994, until they sold it in 1996, the Sherman family reported seeing and experiencing many strange and unexplained happenings. This includes cattle mutilations, sightings of unidentifiable animals/beasts, supposed inter-dimensional vortices, and floating balls of light. Currently, Robert Bigelow owns the ranch and only a specific group of people are allowed onto the property.

Apparently, there are multiple people on the ranch all day, every day, making observations of anything unusual.

Over-sized wolves

Of all the stories that come from the ranch, the Sherman family's stories are the most interesting and puzzling. One includes the family seeing an over-sized wolf out in the fields. This was odd in itself, as wolves are not native to the area. According to them, the animal seemed tame, like a pet, and approached them. After a while, the supposed wolf walked over to their cattle and grabbed a calf by its nose and tried pulling it through the fence. Terry Sherman, the owner of the ranch at the time, began beating on the animal to make it stop and let go of his calf. The wolf seemed unfazed from the beating and refused to let go.

Eventually, they grabbed a gun, shot at the wolf, and it ran off, uninjured from a point-blank shot.

Orbs of life

There were plenty of other sightings of strange and over-sized non-native animals by the Sherman's and some of their neighbors. In addition to odd animal sightings, the Sherman's claimed to have seen many floating orbs of light.

They differed in size and color. Their sizes ranged from the size of softballs to the size of basketballs and they appeared to be glass-like with colored liquids inside of them. Some would just float in the air, some would be responsive to the Sherman's seeing them, and some would even appear to investigate their cattle. According to the Sherman's, the orbs appeared to maneuver with intelligence.

The belief behind the happenings

The ranch was originally referred to as Skinwalker Ranch. This name originates from the beliefs of Native Americans. The ranch borders supposed unholy ground where a shape-shifting creature by the name of Skinwalker is said to reside in its numerous forms. In addition, doorways to other worlds/dimensions are known to exist there, according to Native American culture. The ranch is currently under strict quarantine and only those with access to the area are allowed in. It is constantly under surveillance both inside and outside its walls. The ranch has been declared unsafe for the general public and any who trespass are immediately removed from the ranch and arrested -- sometimes prosecuted.

One thing about the Bigelow ranch is certain, strange things are happening here.