Millennials seem to be everyone's favorite generation to pick on and criticize. Millennials are young, curious, and know their own self-worth. These traits bring a lot of questions about how millennials can be successful in the workplace without causing a lot of problems. Fortunately, we're seeing a lot of positive changes in businesses due to more of these youngsters working and taking charge. So how will they help change the workplace during this upcoming year? A report by Forbes provided a lot of the information used in this article.

1. Pushing for diversity

The millennial generation is the most diverse generation that we have seen. With more of this generation taking on leadership positions, we're bound to see a lot more diversity in the workplace. This is good for a few reasons: It ensures inclusion, there will be more programs to promote diversity, and we'll see a variety of possible incentive programs.

2. New standards for leadership

baby boomers are starting to retire, which means that more leadership positions are going to be filled with millennials. The millennial generation already has a bigger presence in the workforce than other generations, and they hold almost 20 percent of all leadership positions. Millennials also hold different values than most baby boomers.

Millennials focus on things such as feedback, ethics, and values. While perhaps being a little timider, millennials also hold strong beliefs. With more millennials in charge, we're going to see a new standard for leadership than we've seen before.

3. New technology

It is during the reign of millennials in the workplace that businesses are exploring new technology.

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Artificial intelligence is on the rise, as well as new programs and devices that are developed every day. Millennials will be the ones to learn and utilize these new technologies.

4. Settling down

No, we don't mean marriage and a family. One millennial stereotype is that millennials hop from job to job and never keep one steady place of work.

While this did occur, it was more of an age factor than indecisiveness. Generation X was very similar. However, now that millennials are getting older, they're finding their workplace niches and know where they want to be. That means that more millennials will be holding jobs down for years within companies.

5. Preparing for Gen Z

Generation Z's oldest members are preparing to enter the workforce. Millennials will be responsible for recognizing the differences among their generations and address the differences with new ideas. This leaves open a lot of possibility as to what could change in businesses and working conditions, as well as what ideals businesses hold dear. Whatever changes may occur, we're ready for millennials to take charge this year and show us what they can do.