Let's face it. Many television ads are boring, but Audi has come up with a new spot that is totally enjoyable to watch. While it is not sure if the German car manufacturer was inspired by the recent popularity of Clowns – even evil ones as depicted in the box office-breaking adaptation of Stephen King’s “It” – their new and funny advert is definitely catching some serious attention.

The German car manufacturer's ad agency has recently released the latest ad, which aims to prove that even if there are horrendous drivers all around you, you are safe in your new Audi A8.

‘Send in the clowns’ promotes safe driving

The world has recently been stunned by the release of the latest adaptation of King’s horror story “It” – now the highest grossing horror movie ever – and last year saw the advent of a series of creepy clown sightings in various locations across the U.S.A. This hasn’t stopped Audi from portraying clowns in their original funny and cute form in their latest U.K. advert.

As reported by Adweek, the advert is set to a rendition of the classic song “Send in the Clowns,” sung by Lisa Hanningan and Faultline, and features a host of comical clowns in all kinds of awkward driving situations. Often driving vehicles that are seen to be falling apart, we can watch a bunch of comedic clowns doing all kinds of dangerous things on the road.

Some swerve all over the street while still applying their clown makeup on their way to a gig. Others suddenly reverse into a busy street without watching where they are going and yet another is seen to drive a bus with custard pies stuck over his eyes.

In that segment, we see another clown soaping himself in an inflatable kiddies' pool on the roof of the bus.

Yet another clown can be seen releasing bouncy balls from the rear of their van into the following traffic. Others perform dangerous stunts on motorcycles in a traffic tunnel.

Audi A8 survives clown drivers

Never to fear, despite all the antics of the colorful clowns, the new Audi A8 glides through the various dangerous driving situations in style. The advert ends with the Audi car using its park assist feature, as it parks neatly between two of the circus vehicles, adding the clever tagline, "Audi Technology. Clown Proof."

As reported by AdAge, the new spot was produced by Ringan Ledwidge of Rattling Stick for ad agency BBH London and is beautifully crafted bring a warm and humorous touch to what could have been a basic feature for the new vehicle.

The new ad is currently running on U.K. television and even has a charitable side. The spot encourages viewers to use the Shazam musical app to download the “Send in the Clowns” soundtrack and for every download, Audi will make a donation to Brake, a road safety charity, to support U.K. Road Safety Week which is happening in November.