It was announced on Thursday, October 26 that Southwest Airlines and Warner Music Nashville have finalized an agreement to provide Live Music to passengers. The airline has been having occasional pop-up in-air concerts since 2011. The recent agreement is for Southwest to have live music in the air on every flight, according to Billboard. Passengers no longer have to be bored on any of Southwest's flights because there will be performers who will entertain them with music in the sky.

Warner Music Nashville (WMN) will feature WMN artists. The music label agreed to continue traveling with the airline.

Therefore it is a winning situation for everyone, including the airline, the music company, and of course, the passengers.

Devin Dawson's performance

Country music singer Devin Dawson was the first performer after the announcement was made. He performed for a full plane of passengers on a flight going from Nashville to Philadelphia. The 28-year-old twin brother of Jacob Dawson performed his debut single, "All On Me" and some new songs from his upcoming album "Dark Horse" that will be released on January 19, 2018.

After performing, Devin gave passengers a guitar pick and compact discs as souvenirs and mementos of their trip. Country artists Delta Rae and Kip Moore were also on the flight. They did not perform, but they joined Devin on stage later in Philadelphia.

Reactions to the live performance

Dawson admitted that playing his guitar and singing while in the air was different from being on stage. He said he noticed that the passengers seemed calm and relaxed and reacted to his performance with delight. He acknowledged that he was glad he was available to provide a live performance for the lucky passengers who received a free concert during their flight.

About Southwest

With airlines getting a bad reputation these days, travelers are glad to hear some good news for a change. They think it is a nice gesture to boost passengers' morale. According to Airfarewatchdog, 92 percent of people who travel regularly say they are not satisfied with airlines, but Southwest has taken a positive step in making travel more enjoyable.

Southwest has been described as the world's largest budget airline headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Southwest was established on March 15, 1967, and it began operating on June 18, 1971 with flights only within Texas. Today, it has flights going to 99 airports in the United States and eight different countries. The airline has come a long way, and more cities will be added to its schedule in 2018.