Taking a fresh take on new American comfort food, the Kroger Co.’s culinary development just recently announced a new Concept that is Kitchen 1883. According to Kroger's vice president of Culinary Development and New Business, Daniel Hammer, Kitchen 1883 will feature handmade cocktails and a menu that has been made from the beginning together with a community-centered environment. He further said the goal is to create a place where people can gather to relax and enjoy their food.

The Kroger Co. is an American retailing company established in Cincinnati in the US state of Ohio, in 1883 by its founder Bernard Kroger.

Kroger is the country’s largest supermarket chain by revenue and the second-largest retailer after Walmart. The company comprises of 2,778 supermarkets and multi-department stores as of December 2015. In this regard, Kroger Co. is the country’s second-largest private employer. As a matter of fact, the new restaurant concept Kitchen 1883 is named after the company’s founding year.

About Kitchen 1883

According to a press release, Kroger Company is set to open Kitchen 1883 in late October. It will be situated at 9003 US highway 42 in Union, Kentucky. Kitchen 1883 will offer both dinner and lunch together with brunch only during the weekends, and it will operate daily.

Staff working at the restaurant will not only be passionate about the food that customers love but also the people themselves.

Team members of Kitchen 1883 will be motivated to share and showcase their love and passion for making good food with clients. This will help establish an environment that is focused on both quality service and hospitality like no other in the business.

According to Mr. Hammer, his company will be employing people for all posts from cooks and servers, bar managers to bussers.

Insight on the concept

After realizing that people are now spending more money on food at restaurants and bars than they do on groceries, Kroger Co decided to join a host of retailers that have recently become restaurateurs. Kitchen 1883 is a low-risk investment for the country’s largest grocery retailer.

If the concept is done right, we might be looking at a much bigger venture and a new revenue stream for the company.

Kroger has had to battle pricing pressure and a declining stock price. Therefore, this new concept might be the beginning of greater things to come for the company. Kitchen 1883 could very easily become a hit, but it won’t be as easy as it might look.