The Volvo plant expansion in Berkeley County, South Carolina, will see an injection of another $520 million in the on-going construction, giving much-needed space for the production of a new model. Initially, the construction of the plant had seen about 2,000 people gain employment in South Carolina. Now, the expansion will give an additional 2,000 people work when the plant opens.

Volvo's North America CEO, Lex Kerssemakers, reiterated how vital the plant expansion was for Volvo as it solidified Volvo's relationship with the American market and most importantly, with South Carolina.

Job opportunities made available by the plant expansion

Volvo plant expansion will have the pleasure of having the first product, the S60 sedan coming out in 2018. They will also have the XC90 model rolled out in 2021.

With the new plant, the amount that Volvo has invested in South Carolina is $1 billion, and it will have created 4,000 jobs.

Furthermore, the plant expansion will give way to the construction of necessary facilities in the Berkeley County area, which will include office space, training space, and research space.

Comments and the improvements it will bring

The Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster, had this to say about the plant expansion, "In just the past two years, Volvo Cars has proven to be an excellent South Carolina company that is committed to our state and its community.

We couldn't be prouder that such a great company has decided to invest in our people further and create more jobs for hardworking, deserving South Carolinians that we know will produce results."

The expansion will do wonders for Berkeley County considering there will be commercial growth in the area thanks to the plant and the facilities to be built in the area.

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All this comes in tow of Volvo's campaign to increase its production and sale of over 800,000 cars by the year 2020. This goal is achievable as Volvo had already reached half the target last year.

Volvo, a company that was owned by Ford but bought by a Chinese company Li Shufu's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, has worked hard and fast to conform to the ever-changing car industry.

Volvo's clients will continue to enjoy its safety precautions that it is well known for, as it surely becomes a driving force when it comes to systems that help the driver and automatic driving.

The Li Shufu's Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company saw a spike of 7% in its shares in Hong Kong after the news of the plant expansion in South Carolina.