Google is trying to expand its base of operations and also employ many new workers as well to ensure that all of its different units are running optimally. Google is said to have purchased lands worth over $820 million in Sunnyvale, California, which will help the company to expand, according to a report in the Silicon Valley Business Journal. The land purchased by Google is said to be about four miles to the south of its current headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

Reasons for buying the lands

Reports state that the Alphabet-owned company, which employs 72,000 employees, is looking to expand its presence in the Silicon Valley.

This is why the company has bought the new land so that it can hire and accommodate more people. The company is believed to have purchased 52 different properties in Sunnyvale. The Real Estate Company, CBRE, assembled and established the deals.

It is now being said that the real estate brokerage has been quietly preparing the land deals for some time in secret for Google. The company was already renting or leasing small parts of the Sunnyvale region, which is the home of Yahoo. This large buyout of the land seems to be an indication that Google is planning on filling the gaps in multiple smaller campuses run by it in several locations.

Earlier real estate deals by Google

Currently, the company looks to be in a hurry to grab all the land so that it can drive its expansion with the passage of time.

Just a month back, the Alphabet-owned company won the rights to negotiate with the city of San Jose regarding the purchase of 16 tracts of land located close to the city’s convention center. This deal revealed that the company was interested in picking up San Jose as a possible site for a future campus as well.

The San Jose deal was brokered by real estate company, Trammell Crow.

However, the deal is yet to be finalized, even though Google has spent almost $100 million in the past month toward the deal and has managed to get the company some scraps of lands, but not the entirety of it. Many employers believe that the employees should be present under one roof or in one location. This usually helps people to commute to and from work in periods of high traffic activity.

However, Google seems determined to keep all of its teams separate from each other. This will bring in a sense of community among the workers. After these purchases are complete, the Bay Area employees from Google will likely be spread from San Jose to San Francisco.