US GPU giant Nvidia is making a big splash in the cybersecurity market. The company has just announced this week that it has made a significant investment on Deep Instinct, a startup that uses AI deep learning technology to cyber security.

According to the Israeli-based online publication Globes, Deep Instinct has just raised $32 million in its latest Series B financing round. CNTP led this latest investment, with some participation from strategic investors, which include Columbus Nova Technology Partners, Nvidia, and Coatue Management.

A closer look at Deep Instinct, Nvidia’s newest partner on deep learning space

Founded in 2014 and based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Deep Instinct is the first company to use AI deep learning technology, providing unmatched cyber security protection. This brings a whole new kind of approach to cybersecurity industry that is proactive and predictive. With this new approach, modern day threats such as zero-day and APT attacks can now be detected more effectively and prevented in real-time with terrible accuracy.

Deep Instinct said that it plans to use the new capital to beef up existing end-point security solutions. The company’s core product protects the organization’s endpoints and mobile devices against all kinds of cyber threats, providing a more comprehensive cyber defense.

The company uses CUDA and some sort of “GPU-based neural network” to achieve 99 percent cyber detection rates, which is pretty much higher compared to about 80 percent detection from conventional cyber security software.

The Israeli-based company is an emerging leader in applying GPU-powered AI in cybersecurity. Recently, it was named a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum.

And just this year, it was named as the Most Disruptive Startup at the recently held Nvidia’s 2017 Inception Awards.

Nvidia’s investment arm and AI involvement

Founded in 1993 and based in Santa Clara, California, Nvidia designs and builds graphics processing units (GPU) for the gaming industry and professional visualization.

The company also develops system-on-a-chip (SoC) for the automotive and mobile market.

Nvidia has its primary GPU product, much known as GeForce, which compete with AMD’s Radeon lines. Nvidia has also expanded its reach in the gaming market. It now provides Shield Android TV, Shield Tablet, and handheld Shield Portable.

In addition to its core GPU products, the company also provides parallel processing capabilities to researchers, allowing them to run high-performance computing.

Today, Nvidia is taking a huge facelift, focusing more on AI-focused start-ups. The company’s investment portfolio is just one element of its extensive involvement in the world of artificial intelligence or AI.

The GPU stalwart has recently expanded its startup investment, adding eight more companies on board.

Nvidia’s Inception Program is growing fast, which now include around 1,300 start-ups across the globe. You can read more about the company’s latest investment on Nvidia’s blog.

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