In a report by Lucy Hooker of BBC News, founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos is said to be the wealthiest person now with a Net Worth of $91.4bn. According to Forbes Magazine, Mr. Jeff overtook Bill Gates's briefly on Thursday 27th, 2017 by becoming the world's wealthiest person. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had a sharp and rapid rise in the Amazon shares that his wealth eclipsed much more from the Co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

Forbes has further revealed that this position of the wealthiest person was for a small period of time. As soon as the Amazon shares fell back, Bill Gates got back on the top for being the wealthiest person in the world.

Mr. Jeff Bezos, age 53, owns about 17% shares of the Amazon, officially. Besides having shares in Amazon, Mr. Bezos also has his interests in several other organizational entities.

Some more facts were revealed by Forbes about the entrepreneurs who had a massive growth in wealth like Mr. Bezos and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, age 33, ranked on 5th position for being the wealthiest person.

The last person who stole the spot of being the wealthiest person was the boss of Spanish Fashion, Amancio Ortega. Mr. Ortega is the founder of Zara's Owner Inditex and was also the wealthiest person for two days in the last September, according to Forbes Magazine.

Net Worth of Jeff Bezos

Due to the falling back of Amazon shares, Mr.

Bezos had the top ranking for being the wealthiest person for a short time only. But, according to the current facts and figures, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is in reality just marginally away from the position of Mr. Gates.

The marginal difference is not a problem for the wealth and worth of Jeff Bezos.

High Rocket Spendings


Bezos net worth is quiet clear due to his High rocket spendings. Jeff Bezos paid a massive amount of $23 million earlier this year for an old and uniquely designed textile museum in Washington DC. Soon this amazing textile museum would be turning into the residence of Mr. Bezos and his family.

The Bezos family would have an exclusive neighborhood due to the residency of Obamas and Trump's daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner.

This news was revealed in a report by the Washington Post. The Washington Post seems to be a trustful source here as Jeff Bezos spent $250 million in 2013 and bought this paper.

During an interview with Geekwire, he said "I want millions of people working in space. I want us to be a space-faring civilization."

Mr. Bezos has a strong entrepreneur's mind set along with serious futuristic goals.