Almost all giant car manufacturers are into SUV manufacturing nowadays, Bloomberg reports. The SUV is currently the hottest selling automobile in the market today. Tesla Motors would like to capitalize on the fad to increase its sales. Unlike traditional cars, SUVs and crossover focus more on usage rather on design. You cannot deny the fact that these cars are very profitable. The marketing strategy will be small profit but large quantity. Tesla Motors plans to launch the Tesla Model Y to start the ball rolling.

Goal to 1,000,000 car sales per year

Tesla Motors plans to sell 1,000,000 cars annually by the year 2020. Using the SUV platform can help them reach the goal. Tesla Y will be the first car they will manufacture in the form of an SUV. They will make 5,000 units per week this year. The Tesla Y will be launched either late 2019 or early 2020. With these plans in mind, Tesla is confident it will accomplish its goal.

Tesla is using a different platform

The Tesla Model 3 platform will be used for the Tesla Model Y car. A different approach will be used when working the new car. Elon Musk confirms that the traditional 12-volt batteries will not be used. Lead batteries use will be more extensive. Tesla is testing a different way in powering car components.

A simpler way of doing things will be the end result. A faster production process will ensure with the changes. It will hasten to reach the target of one million units quickly.

Full autonomous driving

Full automation for the Tesla Model Y is in the works. The newest edition of Tesla’s Autopilot system will be installed. Tesla plans to use 8 cameras to monitor traffic.

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Forward facing radars and sensors will likewise be added. An all-weather monitoring system will be operational at all times. Exciting development developments will be announced soon.

Other Tesla news

A new battery production building was built by Tesla Motors in Nevada U.S.A. The battery factory building cost $5 billion. The building will be equipped with newest technology and innovations', and according to the Tesla website, Tesla C.E.O Elon Musk believes that this will enable the company to innovate faster.

It could further reduce battery production cost by as much as 30 percent.

Due to its massive investment in technology, Tesla has outperformed other traditional car manufacturers in the market. Record high car sales were reported during the first quarter of this year. It sold around 70 percent more compared to the sales for the first three months last year. As a result of the great news, its stock rose by 7 percent in the stock market.