Things are going well for AMD as the company managed to gain over 10 percent Market Share in the CPU industry from Intel. For those who are unaware, Intel is the leading chipmaker but has come under increased pressure from AMD for the first time in over a decade.

New reports claim AMD has amassed 10.4 percent market share in the CPU market for the second quarter of 2017. This number is the largest AMD has gained market share by, and it could go even further as Ryzen slowly moves to grab the market by the throat.

The data came directly from PassMark’s quarterly market share report.

The story is based on the many information that goes through the company’s database each quarter. Now, one should note that PassMark’s report does not include video game consoles, computers sold, or computers outside of the Windows operating system.

The information is all about computers in use, which is very important.

Is Ryzen the most successful product launch in AMD’s history?

For years, AMD sat behind Intel in the CPU market, but things are changing. The launch of Ryzen is no doubt AMD’s most fruitful product launch to date, something the company might never mimic in the future. In fact, no other CPU maker has managed to grab over 10 percent market share with the launch of a single product family until now.

As it stands right now, AMD has 31 percent of the chip market, while Intel sits in the number one spot with 69 percent. In the last quarter, AMD had 20.6 percent of the market, so it’s quite surprising things have gotten this far. Back in the first quarter of this year, AMD had only gained 2.2 percent market share. That’s primarily because only half of the Ryzen CPUs launched, but as the company released its entire slate, the market began to change.

One should also take into account that after the launch of Ryzen CPUs, there was a shortage of AM4 motherboards. It caused for fewer product sales during the early days.

CPU user base grew by 53 percent

With the growth of AMDs market share, it ultimately allowed for more computer users taking advantage of what the company has to offer.

As of right now, the new Ryzen processors have grown AMDs user base by 53 percent.

Chances are, Intel will feel the effect of this going forward. Not to mention, AMD has yet to launch Ryzen for mobile devices. Furthermore, no video game console is using Ryzen in their current products, so there is room yet for immense growth in the future to come.