Waves is a blockchain platform competing with the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Even though it is only a year old project, during the past month, Waves has been growing very fast by attracting real business users and investors who see great potential for the future in it.

Brief facts about Waves

Waves is a decentralized blockchain platform that specializes in custom blockchain tokens operations. It is a platform where all types of digital and real world assets and commodities can be issued, transferred and exchanged. Additionally, the decentralized blockchain platform also offers a crowdfunding solution to its clients via its lite wallet.

It can be described as an Open Blockchain Platform because it does not limit its functions to simple applications like storage and transfer of value which are what most traditional blockchain platforms offer.

Waves’ impressive growth

According to CRYPTOCOINSNEWS (CCN), Waves has increased its value by about 71 percent during the past month. During the weekend it made very impressive gains that enabled it to rank among the Top 10. Waves has already passed the $600 million market capitalization threshold for the year.

Reasons for the rapid growth

In an interview given to CRYPTOCOINSNEWS (CCN), Waves’ Communications Director Guy Brandon said that there are many factors contributing to the decentralized blockchain platform’s impressive growth.

The most significant is probably the fact that even though Waves is only a year old project, it has managed to establish itself as one of the more credible blockchain platforms in the market. This has attracted many real businesses that deal in both virtual and real wold assets and commodities to use the decentralized platform.

Many millions of dollars have already been crowdfunded on the blockchain platform.

Brandon expects that many more real businesses will be attracted to Waves because the platform has managed to become very popular in Russia and Eastern Europe and society has shown great interest in it at all levels including businesses, governments, individuals and the third sector.

These, in combination with the rapid growth of the entire market during the past weeks, can explain Waves’ fast growth. The fact that innovative blockchain platforms like Waves gained the trust of the public so fast is very important because this provides diversity in the market and enable it to keep growing.