Adult coloring books have become very popular. They are ideal for relieving stress. Many adults reported that they are relaxed as long as they are coloring. They admit that coloring helps relieve stress.

According to the local news, a Richmond, Virginia Artist has created an Adult Coloring Book that is different from other adult coloring books on the market. Her book celebrates African-American heritage.

Unicia Buster designed the coloring book in her Church Hill home. She is a professional and talented artist who prides herself on making sure every circle and every stoke are exactly the way she wants them to be.

Buster's 'Coloring Curls'

Buster's "Coloring Curls" book contains lots of curls, coils, and coiffures to keep people busy adding colors to the designs. As they color the hairstyles, they might even find some styles they like to try for themselves.

The 30 pictures in "Coloring Curls" were hand drawn by Buster. None of them are computer generated. Buster shares that she incorporates mandalas and other patterns, designs and texture like those seen in fabrics and textiles. Hundreds of the "Coloring Curls" have been sold. Some people have even sent the artist their finished work to show her how proud they are of themselves.

Her book is sold on Amazon. Feel free to read the positive comments others have written after the ordered the book for themselves and gifts for others.

Artist's background

Buster has been a professional artist for more than 15 years after receiving a bachelor of fine arts degree from Cornell University and a master of arts degree from George Mason University. She is the art specialist at VCU Health. She assists with managing and curating gallery exhibitions for the hospital’s permanent art collection.

She also teaches arts and crafts to more than 800 patients each year.

Some of Buster's art has been on display in Washington D.C., Long Island City, New York, and Rome, Italy. The artist has connected to many people in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia because of her passion and their passion for art.