The United States Postal Service's first-class stamps are increasing on Sunday, January 22, 2017. Then the postage for a one-ounce first-class letter will be 49 cents instead of 47 cents. The last postal stamp increase was in January 2014. Postage will change for first-class letters only. The cost for mailing postcards, airmail, and heavier letters will remain the same.

Forever stamps

People might be wondering if they can use the Forever stamps they have on hand. Yes, Forever stamps customers already have are still valid even though they were only 47 cents if they were purchased in the last three years.

However, if they are purchased on Sunday or later, they will cost 49 cents.

It would be helpful to remember that you can purchase a Forever stamp at the first-class rate, and it never expires or decreases in value, according to Elizabeth Najduch, the USPS spokeswoman for metro Detroit, Flint, and Jackson. Notice there is no price printed on a Forever stamp like on other stamps.

History of Forever stamps

If you say you remember when the Forever stamp was already 49 cents, then you are right. They were previously 49 cents, but the Postal Regulatory Commission ordered the United States Postal Service to decrease its prices last April to 47 cents. It was the first time in 97 years that the price dropped.

Now, the price will be 49 cents once again.

Why do stamps increase in price?

It really isn't hard to determine why stamps increase in price from time to time. Usually, the price increase is only a couple of pennies. When you think of how many people use stamps, you will clearly see that the small amount from millions of people will give the Postal Service a considerable amount of revenue.

The revenue is used to compensate for inflation. This helps with the costs for employees' wages, gas for mail trucks, heating, lighting for buildings, and other expenses of the Postal Service.

The Postal Service has to periodically adjust the price of postage to stay consistent with inflation. Therefore, don't think this is the last time stamps will increase in price. So, stock up on Forever stamps before Sunday, if you can.