The first Platinum Jubilee in the history of the British monarchy is being celebrated in Britain. The 96-year-old Elizabeth II has been on the throne longer than four of her predecessors combined. During the 70 years of the Queen's reign, 14 prime ministers have changed in Great Britain and 14 presidents in the United States. No major celebrations are planned for the anniversary day, February 6, because Elizabeth ascended the throne when her father, King George VI, died. Traditionally, she greeted the day in seclusion. The main celebrations occur in early June when numerous city celebrations across the country are planned and a concert featuring world celebrities.

The celebrations began Thursday with a military parade in central London and an air show. Tens of thousands of Britons took to the streets of London Thursday to take part in celebrations to mark the platinum anniversary of the Queen's reign. On the streets of London, tens of thousands of supporters of the monarchy gathered in anticipation of a military parade, which began the official celebration of the ascension to the throne of the now 96-year-old Queen. At the same time, Elizabeth II herself, in the company of her son and successor to the throne, Prince Charles, and other royal family members traditionally congratulated the British from the balcony of Buckingham Palace as part of the parade.

Queen Elizabeth II announcement

On the anniversary of her accession to the throne, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II addressed a message to her subjects and thanked them for the support and kindness shown to her and the royal family. She noted that Britain and the other Commonwealth countries had made significant social, technological and cultural progress during her reign.

In addition, Elizabeth II expressed her desire that the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, wife of Prince Charles of Wales, be granted the title of Queen Consort upon his accession to the throne. It assumes that the King's consort will have the same monarchical title and social rank, but will not be heiress to the throne and will not receive political or military powers.

Official celebration

The official celebrations and public festivities lasted four days –from June 2 to 5. These days are announced in the country as days off. The most significant events, including a theatrical procession in honor of the 70th anniversary of the accession of Elizabeth II to the British throne, were held in London.

First to arrive at Buckingham Palace for the anniversary celebrations were Prince William's wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, their three children, and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, wife of Prince Charles of Wales. Then Princes Charles and William appeared on horseback, as did the Queen's daughter, Princess Anne.

Elizabeth II's grandson Prince Harry, who now lives in Los Angeles with his wife Meghan Markle, arrived in London for the parade.

But he did not join the royal family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch the Royal Air Force fly by after the parade.

The main celebration

The main event, as expected, took place Saturday night in the square in front of Buckingham Palace –there was a massive celebration of the Queen. International celebrities, musicians and singers appeared on stage. More than 30 thousand people could attend the show. The press noted that the personal participation of the 96-year-old Queen in the events was somewhat limited because of the difficulties in movement which she experienced due to her advanced age.