Minas Gerais state in Brazil is facing floods and landslides because of torrential rains. Overflowing rivers have resulted in the death of people and displacement of thousands from their homes. Authorities are aware of the possibilities of dam burst in the event of more downpours. They are monitoring the situation because bursting of dams could have an adverse effect on different areas. The floods and landslides have left many people buried while there was loss of lives from collapse of walls. Other deaths were of people swept away by the floodwaters.

One of the rivers burst its banks in the town of Juatuba. That left the entire area flooded. As a resident revealed to a media outlet, he lost everything and his wife and children had to leave the house in a boat. The mining agency of Brazil informed that a number of mining dams were in a state of emergency. Due to overflowing of one of the dams, debris flowed down to the roads with consequent disruption of travel on a major highway.

A state of emergency declared due to the floods

The bursting of the dam in the city of Pará de Minas could aggravate the situation. It is a matter of concern for the authorities. It seems the civil defense have declared a state of emergency in a whole lot of municipalities in view of the weather conditions.

In the opinion of meteorologists, the excessive rain was a result of a summer phenomenon. The amount of rainfall in the capital Belo Horizonte in 72 hours was equivalent to the amount it receives for the entire month of January. La Niña is another factor that could be responsible for the bad weather. La Niña is a Climate pattern in the Pacific Ocean that has an effect on the global weather.

Heavy rains have affected other areas of Brazil with loss of lives and displacement of people. Recently, the state of Washington in the United States faced floods and landslides. Experts attribute extreme weather events to climate change. This single factor has increased the worries of the whole world. The subject is on the agenda of international leaders who meet at regular intervals to evolve strategies to reduce greenhouse gases.

Brazil in the grip of floods for the past couple of weeks

Large parts of Minas Gerais and Bahia in Brazil are under a state of emergency due to severe floods. These have led to deaths and evacuation. Simultaneously, some portions of the state of Rio Grande do Sul are in a state of emergency due to droughts. The former has three dams and has experience of two catastrophic dam collapses since 2015. Minas Gerais has had periods of heavy rainfall since the start of the rainy season in October. However, the situation deteriorated in end December.

Online videos show the floods and landslides

Authorities are monitoring the situation in Pará de Minas, the location of the Carioca hydroelectric dam. Their worries are about its ability to withstand the force of the water.

Videos have captured the latest scenes of the floodwater and landslides. It seems the video reveals that the rainfall was heavy. The water from the dam was cascading down the spillway. Debris accumulated on the road below the dam.