Nowadays, tourists are in awe of wildfires that can and do upset their travel plans. They spend hours gathering information, discussing with friends and family members, and finally arriving at the destination. However, wildfires force them to seek out an escape route. This is a new development in the tourism circuit and causes unaccountable loss. These include infrastructure, greenery, animals, and at times human lives. It is what tourists in a seaside resort in Italy are facing.

Wildfires in the region have led to the evacuation of hundreds of people from hotels, campsites, and homes.

On a rough estimate, their numbers are more than 400 from the city of Campomarino Lodi. Sky News says the authorities have deployed firefighters and aerial support to battle the blaze. In July, there were at least 80 wildfires in the Western parts of the United States.

Europe, America, and even Russia face threats of wildfires

Wildfires have become a global threat because of Climate change. Officials in Europe lay the blame squarely on this single factor. It is high time the world realizes the devastating effects of this phenomenon. Leaders meet regularly at international forums to draw up strategies. It is necessary to implement the recommendations like banning fossil fuels and embracing alternatives.

Some countries are serious about switching over to electric vehicles that are pollution-free and do not produce greenhouse gases. The current blazes have targeted several countries, including parts of Italy and Turkey. In Turkey, wildfires killed four persons, and tourists had to flee to safety. As Sky News mentions, Italy is not the only country grappling with wildfires.

These have targeted other countries from Greece to California. There has been the loss of lives and evacuation of thousands. The fires have not spared Siberia in northern Russia, with more than 150 active threats to many villages.

Out of control wildfires in Greece

Greece and its capital Athens are in the grip of wildfires. These are going out of control, with thousands of people fleeing.

Residents and holiday crowds have been ferried out from the island of Evia since it was the safest route with other exits blocked. The fires in this region started on 3 August and raged on for five days. The authorities kept vessels in readiness to evacuate the people. Aerial firefighters had to tackle the inferno despite limited visibility, air turbulence, and wind currents. Bone-dry conditions, after the country's worst heatwave in decades, aggravated the situation. Many people were treated for fire-related injuries. In Turkey, the wildfires took eight lives. The blazes also led to the death of countless animals, destruction of forests near the favorite tourist destinations, and evacuation of thousands.

Sicily declared a state of emergency that would last for six months to allow the fires to burn through the island.

The outbreak of wildfires across the Mediterranean

According to VOA News, the combined effect of a heatwave in southern Europe and strong hot winds from North Africa contributed to wildfires across the Mediterranean. There is large-scale destruction of forests. Authorities deployed firefighters and aerial spraying of water from across Italy. However, because of the magnitude of the problem, the E.U. had to intervene. Pescara mayor Carlo Masci says the impact on the local environment is incalculable. The area covered by the Dannunziana Reserve is the pine forest in the city. In his words: “it hurts to see all those skeletons of the trees.”