John Fetterman has garnered a great deal of attention as lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania. In large part because of his unconventional style compared to most other politicians.

However, his views on things such as socialism have left him vulnerable to criticism. This and other matters seem likely to come up again soon. Because Fetterman is apparently making a run for the United States Senate.

Officially files paperwork for Senate run

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Fetterman has taken the official step of filing for a U.S. Senatorial run.

Republican Pat Toomey currently holds the seat in question. But Toomey has announced that he intends to retire rather than run for re-election in 2022.

Currently in his second Senate term, Toomey is the ranking member of the Senate Banking Committee. He's also emerged as a prominent critic of former President Donald Trump. Toomey had previously been a member of the United States House of Representatives.

Fetterman has been Pennsylvania's lieutenant governor since 2019. He, among others, placed ahead of incumbent Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack in the 2018 Democratic primary. Stack and Governor Tom Wolf had had a very public falling out with each other.

The now-lieutenant governor has garnered attention for his unconventional style and blunt words.

The open Senate seat race in Pennsylvania is anticipated to be one of the most competitive in 2022. In recent years, the state has become one of the most hotly-contested swing states in the country.

Fetterman already has competition in the Democratic primary. As noted by The Hill, he wasn't the first candidate to file for a Senate run.

Rather, that was State Senator and Pennsylvania Democratic Party Vice-Chair Sharif Street. Street's father is former Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street. Others on the Democratic side may yet get in the race.

One candidate has formally filed on the Republican side. With some high-profile potential other candidates having been floated.

Including former U.S. Navy Secretary and Rear Admiral Kenneth Braithwaite and a slew of current and former U.S. representatives.

Fetterman has run for the Senate before

John Fetterman was the long-time mayor of Braddock, near Pittsburgh. He won his first race by one single vote. He'd go on to be re-elected as mayor four times.

In 2016, Fetterman ran for the Democratic nomination for that year's Senate race. He finished in third place. Katie McGinty, former chief of staff to Governor Wolf, won the nomination. Former U.S. Representative and U.S. Navy Vice Admiral Joe Sestak finished in second place.