Paris was the scene of another knife attack. A man went on a rampage with the weapon and slashed at those around him. One of the victims lost his life, and two others suffered injuries. The police came on the scene and eliminated him but have not been able to establish any motive. However, they believe he could have killed many more. The incident happened at around midday in a town near central Paris. The identity of the person who died is established. He was a man in his 50s, and he was walking in the park accompanied by his wife. The two injured victims are shifted to a hospital for treatment.

DW quotes an official who says, “The suspect tried to attack other victims during his murderous spree, who were able to escape." After the attacks, the man ran towards a nearby shopping complex chased by the police. They realized that he was a threat, and the curtains came down as the police shot and killed him.

The attacker had a history of mental illness

Police know the identity of the knife attack suspect. He was born in Paris in 1997. He had in his possession religious documents, including a Koran. A witness said he had yelled some specific words related to the power of God. However, the police are yet to unearth the evidence to link him to any known radical groups associated with some particular religion.

It seems he had a history of mental illness and was in hospital recently. In addition, he was undergoing psychiatric treatment. A spokesperson for the prosecution confirmed his record was clean. He did not have any criminal record and was not in the sights of intelligence services.

DW goes on to add that the prompt action of the police mechanism helped to reduce the number of victims.

Vincent Jeanbrun, mayor of L'Hay-les-Roses, appreciated their quick response. Laurent Nunez, the deputy interior minister, visited the scene and described the actions of the law enforcement agency "extremely courageous."

The motive of the attack not known

According to The Guardian, police shot dead a knife attacker whose stabbing spree left one dead and a couple seriously injured.

There appeared to be no visible pattern, and the attacker stabbed people at random. The location of the incident was near a park and a busy shopping center in Villejuif. It is south of the French capital. Mayor Vincent Jeanbrun, while interacting with a media outlet, said – the suspect was shot and killed as he tried to flee into the neighboring suburb. There was a commercial center in the vicinity, and shoppers were advised to remain inside. The authorities presume he acted on his own, but police are cross-checking for any accomplices. The Paris police chief Didier Lallement was on the scene with a representative from the anti-terrorist investigations unit, just in case, there were any links.