Pyongyang blames Washington for the hurdles that keep cropping up delaying a decision on denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. The North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un says possibilities of denuclearization will remain a dream as long as the US continues to have a hostile policy towards north korea. He also indicated plans to resume testing of nuclear weapons that was on hold following his talks with Donald Trump. However, the indecision of the US is not going down well with Kim. That could be a reason for him to say, "the world will witness a new strategic weapon" in the near future.

CNN quotes the North Korean leader saying his country must remain on alert to guarantee that there is no comprise on the security of the country. He mentioned about relying on "the powerful nuclear deterrent capable of containing the nuclear threats from the US." He made these observations while addressing his party members. Kim Jong-un dropped hints that the DPRK will go ahead with the development of strategic weapons to ensure the security of the state. His message was: the activities would continue until there is a stable mechanism for peace.

The signs are ominous

President Donald Trump appears to be confident that Kim Jong-un would live up to his word and not do something harsh.

This is in spite of recent statements from North Korea. The US President feels he has built a rapport with his counterpart who, in his opinion, is a "man of his word." Interacting with media persons, the POTUS said, "He likes me, I like him, we get along." He also made a mention of the agreement on denuclearization that the two had signed in Singapore.

CNN says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo hopes North Korea will take the right decision. It would be a disappointment if he backtracks from the commitments he made to the US President.

Mike Pompeo hopes Kim’s regime will opt for peace and prosperity rather than resort to a confrontation.

Pyongyang is becoming impatient

According to Sky News, Kim Jong-un has accused the United States of dragging its feet in nuclear negotiations. He has cautioned that his country will not abandon its nuclear programs. He went on to add that the future could see a "new strategic weapon." Kim made these and other comments in the course of a meeting of his ruling party. The agenda was the indifference shown on matters that included a re-opening of negotiations.

The tone of Kim’s voice suggested he could break ties with the US and go ahead with his weapon testing programs. That would mean a major setback to the peace process initiated by Donald Trump and going back to square one.

The two leaders have met on three occasions over the last year-and-a-half. However, a solution has not emerged. They met briefly in June at the DMZ on the border of South and North Korea and agreed to resume talks, which has yet to happen.