First, to be clear, this article doesn’t refer to the famous Hollywood actor of the same name. 44 years ago, Charles Bronson, a notorious armed robber, was put behind bars. Most of his time in prison has been in solitary confinement. As he has become an artist, he now calls himself Charles Salvador, as a nod to the famous Spanish painter, Salvador Dali.

Salvador knows what it is like to spend Christmas alone with no celebrations and no likely parole, so he has decided to treat 80 pensioners to a slap-up Christmas dinner. This way the elderly people will not need to be alone on the big day and will get a delicious meal to eat.

Kind action funded by his art

To raise the money for this spectacular Christmas treat, which will include food, drinks, bingo, and other entertainment, Bronson has sold some of his artwork. Interestingly, the jailbird normally donates funds raised from his art to a number of different charities, in fact, he has reportedly raised thousands of pounds for this purpose.

The Christmas dinner will be hosted on December 23 at the Manhattan Show Bar in Skegness, England. Flyers for the event have been handed out, including a self-portrait by Bronson, wearing a Santa hat and accompanied by a message.

He wished everyone who is in his corner a “Merry Crimbo,” saying they should all “kick some a*s” in the New Year and signing off with his new moniker, Charles Salvador.

No Christmas dinner for Bronson

As reported by Wales Online, the generous donor is unlikely to enjoy a Christmas dinner himself, either with his elderly mother, Eira, who lives in Aberystwyth, Wales or alone in his Woodhill Prison jail cell.

It turns out he is suffering a painful abscess in his jaw and there is no hope of dental treatment for at least a week. Some of Bronson’s supporters say this is the result of unnecessary red tape.

Bronson’s friend, Rod Harrison, says it is unfair that Bronson will be alone for Christmas, especially as the terrorists who killed Lee Rigby (one of whom is in the same jail) are allowed to go to the hospital as and when necessary.

Harrison continued by saying Charles has never killed anybody and is being discriminated against.

Bronson’s art has fans

Meanwhile, according to the Sunderland Echo, Bronson’s art has made him popular with another artist, Andrew Parkin. Parkin, 59, first contacted Bronson six years ago and they have formed an unlikely friendship, despite him being in jail. Parkin is so impressed with Charles’ art that he has had one of Bronson’s sketches tattooed onto his leg.

Parkin had been encouraged to try his hand at art following a bi-polar and hypomania diagnosis six years ago.

After seeing Bronson’s work and watching the 2008 film “Bronson,” Parkin decided to get in touch.

Now both artists are (somehow) working together on a painting that will go on auction to raise funds for various charities.