Plastic's responsible for dying marine life. Now, a study reveals hermit crabs are disappearing in thousands because they get trapped in plastic debris. This has come to notice so far in two locations. The total loss in these two places is mind-boggling and not a healthy sign, In fact, it's but a matter of concern. Earlier studies have indicated the presence of Plastic Pollution at these sites. The study found litter was killing one to two crabs per square meter of beach. This indicates the magnitude of the problem. These crabs play an important role in tropical environments and are important to maintain the ecological balance.

In the opinion of experts, the loss of the crabs would affect the surrounding ecosystems.

The Guardian says study teams were looking out for open plastic containers in Cocos Islands and Henderson. Once a hermit crab enters such a container, it is unable to make an exit. These islands have a high level of plastic pollution on their beaches and in the adjacent vegetation. Hence, the place transforms into graveyards.

Need to stop plastic pollution

Dr. Alex Bond is associated with the Natural History Museum and is one of the researchers. He feels the extent of damage caused by plastic on the environment needs to be fully understood.

There is awareness about how plastic pollution affects marine lives. However, pollution of this nature has an effect on land also. CNN quotes Dr. Alex Bond on the subject.

He mentioned the danger of this type of pollution on land. People know of their effect on marine lives. There have been innumerable instances of whales and dolphins killed due to the ingestion of plastics.

This sort of waste kills birds and turtles and now, it is the turn of crabs on land. The plastic acts like a trap. Dr. Jennifer Lavers, the leader of the study explains that a large variety of wildlife come to the beaches and mingle with the surrounding environment. Obviously, the plastic litter is unwanted because it can lead to issues of survival of the species.

The death of hermit crabs is a global phenomenon and there should be some sort of investigation into the issue.

Plastic debris spells death for hermit crabs

According to the BBC, hundreds of thousands of hermit crabs die after they get trapped in plastic debris. This is the finding of a new study conducted at two remote tropical island locations. Plastic debris on beaches act as physical barriers for the crabs and are as good as traps. Scientists agree that there must be more research in order to ascertain the effect of this pollution on wildlife globally.

Co-author Alex Bond points out that plastic in the ocean entangles with marine creatures and is ingested by wildlife. On land, it acts as a hindrance to species going about their daily lives. In fact, it becomes a trap and a barrier. Incidentally, these crabs play a role in tourism. They generate employment for the locals by giving visitors a chance to observe native wildlife.