The aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales has finally arrived at Portsmouth. In due course of time, it will berth alongside its sister ship HMS Queen Elizabeth. Both of these will augment the capabilities of the royal navy. Right now, the latter is on a visit to the United States. They can serve for half a century and can undertake a wide range of activities. Apart from roles in the battlefield, they can adapt with ease in times of peace by extending Humanitarian Aid and helping in disaster relief. These are vital in the world of today because of floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

The design of the carrier permits it to carry loads of foodstuffs and the amount would suffice for an equivalent of 45 days. That will be a godsend to people ravaged by climatic disorders.

Sky News mentions about the rousing welcome meted out to the new Aircraft Carrier of the Royal Navy. Built in the Rosyth dockland in Scotland, it began its journey to Portsmouth last September. HMS Prince of Wales was the successful culmination of years of work by a number of agencies and involved the contribution of thousands of people across the country. As many as half a dozen British shipbuilding yards worked on its design and construction.

This will be a major asset for the Royal Navy

Speaking about HMS Prince of Wales, Sir Simon Lister, managing director of the ACA, praised the men who worked relentlessly to deliver the aircraft carrier.

He said it was a" proud moment for our employees and “showcases the industrial capability within the UK.” Among highlights of the aircraft carrier, are its manning levels.

Sky News reports they have adequate catering staff and their own bakery is capable of producing hundreds of loaves of bread on a regular basis every day.

Another of its plus points is the provision of converting seawater into drinking water. The amount of water generated would be sufficient to meet the requirements of the crew and for extending humanitarian relief, if required. Another aspect is its foghorn – it can be heard from more than two miles away.

It received a Royal welcome

According to the BBC, thousands of people had gathered to welcome HMS Prince of Wales as it sailed into Portsmouth for the first time. There was a fly-past of two Hawk jets and a Wildcat helicopter. In addition, keeping in mind concerns of safety, there was the closure of shipping lanes. An air exclusion zone was also in place. This is the sister ship of HMS Queen Elizabeth which is at present engaged in conducting trails with the United States Navy. Both of these are the most expensive warships to have ever been built for the Royal Navy. Formal commissioning of the 65,000-tonne HMS Prince of Wales will be before the end of the year. It can accommodate 36 jets and 4 helicopters and carry a crew of 1600 but will have at least 700 for a start. The size of its flight deck is the equivalent of three football pitches, and it has the capacity to hold 45 days' worth of food in stores.