Ireland: A man died his name was Shay Bradley. he came from Kilkenny in Ireland. The 62-year-old Irish Defence Force veteran died and arrangement for his burial was at the ground in Kilmanagh, Kilkenny, on October 12. He was a well-loved individual and many mourners came to attend the Funeral and pay their respects. However, they were taken by surprise when suddenly, his voice came out loud and clear from the coffin.

It was literally a voice from the grave pleading to be set free and complaining of the darkness all around. He even sang “Hello again hello, hello I just called to say goodbye." However, it was no freak of nature because a dead person cannot come to life and talk or sing.

Obviously, there was more to it than met the eye. Sky News clarified the strange incident.

Shay Bradley’s daughter, Andrea Bradley, explained that it was a prank by her father. He wanted to lighten up the moment when the coffin got lowered into the grave. He had been sick for three years, expired on October 8, and had planned his prank with the pre-recorded message in his last days. His intention was to see smiling faces around him instead of tearful ones when he finally settled into his new home.

Shay Bradley had a sense of humor

Yes, the Irish Defence Force veteran Shay Bradley had a sense of humor.

He wanted to leave this world on a positive note and ensure that he got the last laugh at his own send-off. The voice from his coffin had shocked the gathering but once they realized it was a joke, they burst into giggles instead of tears, as the departed soul wanted. Speaking about him, his daughter said: "He was always full of life and he was big in stature but even bigger in personality.” She added that her father and her brother had been working on the idea for a long time and only a few were into the secret.

The voice came out via a speaker in the ground.

Sky News describes the online reaction. The Irish Defence Forces Veterans shared the video of the funeral service and it went viral.

Shay Bradley was one of them and they expressed their feelings through social media. It was all about an individual who hated to see tears and sorrow.

Twist to one’s own funeral

According to, an Irishman had the last laugh at his own funeral. It was an excellent practical joke and the atmosphere that is usually serious on such occasions turned to one of laughter. Shay Bradley, a veteran of the Irish Defense Force, died and wanted to leave this world on a happy note. Therefore, he planned the incident when his voice appeared to come out of the coffin shouting “Let me out!” It helped to turn the mood from somber to jovial and was a twist at his own funeral. He had the last laugh and his family members appreciated the lighthearted gag. Death is inevitable but he was, undoubtedly, fun-loving until his last moments.