June 5, 1944, was a red-letter day in the history of the world. It was on that day 75 years ago when the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe gave the final order for the invasion of German-occupied France. Thousands of ships set a course across the Channel and paratroopers landed in France. The next day was the Longest Day when thousands of troops stormed the beaches of Normandy and destroyed many German fortifications to turn the tide in favor of the allies in World War II. It was the turning point and the liberation of Europe came the next year.

Daily Mail UK reports on the 75th-anniversary event in Portsmouth. The Queen paid tribute to those who sacrificed their lives and saluted the heroism of D-Day veterans. Donald Trump was present along with world leaders from Germany, France, Canada, and Britain. Three hundred survivors of the invasion were special invitees. They had fought against Germany in Normandy. First Lady Melania accompanied the US President and sat next to the Queen and Prince Charles.

It was a great moment in history

Donald Trump, on his part, read out portions of a prayer broadcast on the night of the D-Day invasion.

It was by Franklin D. Roosevelt who was the US president at the time. French President Emmanuel Macron also thanked the valiant and brave ones who fought as one to liberate his country from the grip of occupation. The Queen mentioned about the “resilient wartime generation.” She referred to them as belonging to "my generation.” Later, the dignitaries met D-Day veterans and their families.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that thousands of people gathered at the venue to commemorate D-Day, which is termed as the “biggest amphibious invasion in military history.” President Donald Trump is on the last leg of his state visit to Britain.

For Theresa May, this event could possibly be her final official appearance as Prime Minister of Britain. There were leaders from European countries who had come. Some of them brought along letters written by the veteran brave hearts penning their thoughts which they read out.

Operation D-Day was codenamed Overlord

According to the BBC, on the final day of his UK state visit US president Donald Trump arrived in Portsmouth. There he joined the Queen and other world leaders to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. The date was 6 June 1944 after five years of World War II with Germany and the operation was codenamed Overlord. Apart from the US President, there were leaders from the countries that fought alongside the UK.

Others present included members of the armed forces and a group of 300 World War II veterans in their 90s. On D-day, the Allied forces landed on the beaches of Normandy, in France, and proceeded to decimate the defenses of Germany's army. On this occasion, all the leaders of the countries involved signed a pledge to ensure that there is no repetition of a situation like World War II.