The intervention of the annual May Day led to less number of participants in the yellow vest protests. The Interior Ministry figures are 18,900 protesters who took part in marches across the country, and only 1,460 of these were in Paris. In addition, a handful of people demonstrated at Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport denouncing privatization plans. There were demonstrations in other cities like Nice and Marseille and minor clashes between protesters and police in a couple of places.

DW reports about the support extended by members of the French world of culture.

A group of more than 50 members of the cultural world published a letter on a website extending support to the yellow vest movement. They included actors, writers, musicians, and filmmakers. One of them was actress Juliette Binoche. The title of the letter was "Yellow vests: we are not fooled!" In the letter, the signatories mention that the government is trying to discredit those engaged in the protests.

Purpose of protest is to bring in change

The yellow vest movement took off in mid-November and was in order to protest fuel tax increases. Subsequently, there were other factors added, factors like opposition to policies of President Emmanuel Macron, which are seen to be in favor of the moneyed class.

The president tried to counter this by responding with a few measures including tax cuts while defending his policies related to business. However, the protesters do not appear to be convinced.

DW goes on to add more about the letter.

It tries to depict the yellow vest protesters to be "anti-ecologists, extremists, racists, thieves." It has revealed that as of April, there are reports of one death, apart from injuries to the head, eyes and hands and these keep rising every week. The letter points out that the story projected through mainstream media and government representatives does not match with the facts.

Obviously, the authorities will have to resolve the issue fast because the unrest in France, a favorite travel destination, is losing out on tourism revenue.

The situation must be defused

According to Euronews, the number of France's yellow vest anti-government demonstrations was at a new low on the day following a wider May Day rally in Paris. It witnessed violent clashes. The drop in the numbers on the 25th straight weekend of these protests could be a relief to President Emmanuel Macron. He had announced several policy proposals to address the issues raised.

However, the drop in numbers could be because of other factors. Some of the protesters (nearly 3000) participated in a separate rally against climate change in Metz, where G7 environment ministers were meeting.

The origin of the yellow vest protests, labeled as such because of the motorists' high-visibility jackets, began over fuel tax increases. Gradually, it transformed into a revolt against politicians and a government they feel is out of sync with reality.