A blast in Paris happened on Saturday morning when the bakery was closed. The explosion followed by fire was due to a gas leak and it destroyed many nearby buildings. The intensity of the blast overturned cars and littered the streets with debris. Christophe Castaner, Interior Minister of France indicated the loss of four lives and injuries to 47 – two of the dead were firefighters. The police subsequently ruled out initial fears of a terror attack. They said it was due to a gas leak in the bakery but the authorities have launched an investigation to establish the actual reason.

News AU reports the bakery is in the commercial district of Rue de Trevise and the force of the blast damaged many buildings in the vicinity. Firefighters and police personnel used every possible means to evacuate people trapped in the damaged buildings and two firefighters lost their lives in the process.

Paris is trying to contain the Yellow Vests

Protests by the Yellow Vest brigade is already a worry for Paris. The CBD was under lockdown due to their weekly violent protests. They want to unseat French President Emmanuel Macron. The bakery blast in the heart of the city aggravates the problems for the city that teems with outsiders. Additionally, visitors arrive to enjoy what is on offer because Paris is a great tourist destination.

Rescuers had to evacuate dozens of the tourists who were in nearby hotels and used helicopters for the rescue missions. The area where the incident occurred has several tourist attractions. It is a favorite place for locals and visitors alike to weekend shopping. Fortunately, it happened in the morning when there are fewer people out and about.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said, “The situation is under control” and added - “The toll appears to be high, and severe.” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe also took stock of the extent of the damage.

The bakery blast adds to the woes of Paris

According to The Mirror UK, the massive explosion in a bakery that rocked Paris is another incident that the city has to tackle.

It appears to be the result of a suspected gas leak. The blast killed two firefighters and injured many more. The city is already trying to come to terms with the agitation of an anti-government group. It is the Yellow Vest group and their movement led to the closure of the Eiffel Tower and other tourist spots in France. They are responsible for acts of vandalism including fires. The city is also in the crosshairs of some terrorist groups.