The people of Melbourne have rewarded Michael Roger with an amount of nearly $72,000 for his bravery in tackling a terrorist who was on a rampage. Michael is a homeless man and when he saw the terrorist attack the people with a knife, he used an unconventional method to apply the brakes. The terrorist had blown up a vehicle that contained gas cylinders and had knifed a restaurant owner and Michael used a shopping trolley to stop the terrorist from proceeding further.

BBC reports that Michael Roger, dubbed as the "Trolley Man," rammed the knife-wielding attacker with the shopping trolley when he was trying to attack two police officers.

The incident, captured on a video and posted online, drew appreciation from the people. Since he was homeless, his well-wishers began a funding campaign and raised almost $72,000 to help him.

It was a courageous act

The terrorist had already killed a restaurant owner and injured two other people near Bourke Street, a busy road in the city center of Melbourne. He was trying to attack other police officers when 46-year-old Michael Rogers entered the scene.

He was a brave man and ignoring possible harm from the suspect, went in for an improvised weapon in the form of a shopping trolley. The incident is being treated as one of terrorism, as confirmed by Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton.

The result of the bravery shown by the homeless man was a GoFundMe campaign to help him enjoy a decent life.

Donna Stolzenberg, a founder of the charity Melbourne Homeless Collective, took the initiative because "as a person he just deserves it." That is how she puts it. The charity will help the "Trolley Man" find housing and settle down to a more organized life.

Terrorists can pop up anywhere

According to Sky News, the incident in Melbourne was an act of terrorism and the Australian police officials knew about the man who perpetrated the crime.

He blew up a vehicle packed with gas cylinders, stabbed three members of the public, and killed the owner of a restaurant. Police officers later shot him and he died in hospital.

Michael Rogers became an instant hero when he, single-handedly, stopped the terrorist in his tracks. Michael has lived a troubled life with several run-ins with the law. He also has a history of drug abuse and prefers to remain homeless in spite of having a public housing apartment. Obviously, he has his own reasons and the funds from the charity Melbourne Homeless Collective could help him to reshape his future in a more systematic way.