Leona Alleslev was elected to the Canadian Parliament in 2015, representing a Toronto-area, Aurora—Oak Ridges. Her father, Ian, was a major-general in the Royal Canadian Air Force. She herself, graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada and served in the Air Force. She would reach the rank of captain before retiring in 1996. Eventually, she became employed with the Canadian Department of National Defence, CTV News reports.

It's an impressive resume. Alleslev seemed to be a rising star in the Liberal Party of Canada. She was quickly named a parliamentary secretary, working under Public Services and Procurement Minister Judy Foote.

But now it seems that her star is rising with a different party.

Alleslev has crossed the floor and joined the Conservative Party of Canada

On September 17, Alleslev spoke about her shock move that rocked Canadian politics when she changed her party allegiance. She cited concerns with various issues, as per CTV. They include the economy and tax reform, along with foreign policy and national security.

Her move was all the more surprising considering a July tweet from her Twitter account. It came after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a stop in the riding she represents. In it, she enthusiastically thanked the prime minister and indicated her excitement about running as a Liberal in 2019.

But not all are surprised.

According to the Toronto Star, it should be more shocking that it took so long for her to switch sides. Alleslev has long been considered to hold more conservative views than most of her Liberal Party colleagues. She has promised the constituents who elected her that she is still the same person she voted for. Regarding the response to her move from her constituents, Alleslev has said that it has been 'overwhelmingly positive.'

Almost immediately, Alleslev was given a prominent position among the Conservatives, being appointed as Shadow Minister for Global Security.

She might not be the only Liberal to make the change. Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer has refused to answer if he knows of any other Liberal MPs thinking it over. He has cited 'trust and confidentiality' as the reasons for his silence.

It's another blow to Trudeau and the Liberals

Justin Trudeau, son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, became prime minister in 2015.

Since then, the Liberal government has been rocked by an almost continuous string of scandals. Many of his cabinet members have had to vacate their posts amid controversy. Others have remained, but have been embattled.

Trudeau himself has been at the root of a number of them. In 2017, he was found to have committed four violations of the Conflict of Interest Act.