North Korea celebrates the 70th anniversary of its creation on September 9 and Chinese president Xi Jinping is expected to attend the program. Kim Jong-un wants to hold it on a grand scale to show that he is changing his style of functioning. There will be a military parade to showcase its might. However, tourist visas have been put on hold, and there is a watch to ensure that the youth do not sport haircuts that are banned.

The Washington Post reports that North Korea relies on anniversaries to display to the world various aspects of its strengths and send across messages to its rivals.

Examples of the past included showing off its ICBMs to prove that it has become a force to reckon with in the arena of nuclear weapons.

The new face of Kim Jong-un

After the summit in Singapore between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea appears to have modified his priorities. His plans this year will be different because he probably wants to pass on some positive messages to the world. One of these is his efforts to come closer to South Korea which is an indication that he is also in favor of peace in the region.

Kim has already held meetings with President Moon Jae-in, the president of South Korea on the subject.

Incidentally, Pyongyang is not releasing tourist visas till September 9. This has been confirmed by tour groups who normally conduct these tours. The reasons are not known but it is believed that the authorities have taken such a decision in view of the number of visitors who might be attending the celebrations.

Chinese tour groups have cited “renovation” of hotels as one of the reasons.

Kim Jong-un wants support of Xi Jinping

According to The Fox News, Chinese President Xi Jinping has accepted the invitation of Kim Jong-un to be present at the 70th anniversary of North Korea. This visit will be the first that Xi will undertake to Pyongyang after taking over the reins of China.

The trip is also significant because the last time a Chinese president had visited North Korea was in 2005.

China is the major ally of North Korea and Kim Jong-un had visited China on three occasions this year itself before and after the Singapore summit with Donald Trump. However trade between China and North Korea has suffered because Beijing has enforced the United Nations economic sanctions consequent to North's nuclear bomb related activities. Pyongyang finds itself hemmed in and is trying to wriggle out of the situation. It wants to use the anniversary to prove that it is interested in peace.