Alfie Evans, 23 months old, continues to breathe on his own a day after Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in England turned off his life support. Alfie's parents, Tom Evans, 21, and Kate James, 20, have continued to battle the court's decision to let him die from an unknown brain condition. On Tuesday (April 24), Hon. Mr. Justice Hayden of the Family Division of the High Court in Manchester, denied the parents request to allow their son to be flown to the Vatican’s Bambino Gesu Pediatric Hospital for treatment. Hon. Mr. Justice Hayden has agreed to allow the child to go home with his parents as he continues to fight and asked for medical experts in Italy to exam him.

According to Lifesite, Tom Evans stated his son is doing well and is receiving oxygen and some water. Alfie's father claims his son has surprised the doctors by continuing to breathe on his own but says Alfie is being starved to death. No food has been allowed since his ventilator was removed and Tom Evans questions how this is considered humane.

Support for Alfie

Alfie’s parents have gained support from around the world, including Pope Francis, to allow the child a chance to live. Pope Francis has also made appeals to the High Court of England to allow Alfie Evan treatment for his condition. Tom Evans met with Pope Francis in Rome last week for a private meeting regarding Alfie. That was on Monday (April 23), at the same time as a last-ditch effort to keep the child on life support.

Italy granted Alfie citizenship to allow immediate care, according to the National Catholic Register.

IL Foglio reports that Alfie Evans' case has now become a diplomatic case.

By granting Alfie Italian citizenship, the Italian government claims that the child is being executed. The Italian embassy has also stated that if doctors proceed with this they will be reported for the murder of Alfie Evans now that he is a citizen of Italy.

The BBC reports that as news of the court decision not to intervene spread, supporters of the child and family gathered outside the hospital.

Over 200 protesters tried storming the hospital when they found out Alder Hey Children’s Hospital was moving forward with their plan to turn off life support. Extra police stood guard outside the entrances to prevent protesters from rushing inside the building. Protesters also held hands blocking the roads so that ambulances couldn't get by.

Alfie’s story

Alfie Evans was born a healthy normal little boy in May 2016. Everything seemed to be going fine with him, he was eating and sleeping with no issues. They began to notice that when Alfie woke up he was extremely cranky and began to have trouble lifting his head and that his limbs were twitching as he rolled his eyes. His parents were concerned and Alfie was taken to the doctor to be checked and at first, his symptoms were dismissed as him being a lazy baby.

Alfie was admitted into Alder Hey Children’s Hospital on December 14, 2016, and was diagnosed with seven illnesses including pneumonia, bronchitis, and RSV. While receiving treatment, Alfie began to have seizures, lasting from a few minutes to an hour, repeatedly and was placed on life support.

As time went by, the doctors at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital staff have not been able to give a diagnosis of what is wrong with Alfie. Doctors claimed that there was nothing left of the child's brain and for his best interest, life support should end against the parent's wishes. Alfie's parents began a legal battle to stop the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital decision to turn his life support off. All efforts made by Tom Evans and Kate James have been denied by the hospital and court. The couple has tried to have their child seen by experts from Belgium and Italy to examine him and try to figure out what is wrong with him.