The 2018 Winter Olympic Games is drawing to a close and Ivanka Trump is expected to be present at the closing ceremony in Seoul on February 25. South Korea plans to roll out the red carpet to welcome her. President Moon Jae-In feels she will be able to influence Donald Trump to agree to a visit to Pyongyang. If that does happen, it could lead to peace in the Korean peninsula.

The Daily Mail UK reports that Ivanka will be accorded VIP treatment because she is a top advisor in the White House and can influence decisions which could help the cause.

Normalizing relations with North Korea is high on the priority list of Moon Jae-in and Ivanka could play an important role.

The tentative plan

South Korea wants to pull out all the stops to make the visit of Ivanka Trump to Seoul a memorable one. She enjoys sports and skiing is one of her favorites and it is quite possible that President Moon Jae-in could accompany her to watch one of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games skiing competitions in Pyeongchang. South Korean first lady Kim Jung-sook could also play host. There are plans for either a lunch or dinner in Ivanka’s honor before the closing ceremony.

It is obvious that South Korea wants to ensure a welcome for Ivanka to match with the one extended to Kim Jong-un's sister, Kim Yo-jong.

She was present at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. There are also plans to hand over gifts to Ivanka for her children back home.

Can Ivanka make a difference?

South Korean President Moon Jae-in had high hopes that the 2018 Winter Olympic Games could pave the way for the reunification of the two Koreas. He wants Washington and Pyongyang to begin dialogues.

In his opinion, Ivanka Trump could bridge the gap, and be the savior. Therefore, South Korea wants to win her support. If she can convince Donald Trump to visit North Korea, it could ease tensions and bring in positive results.

It may be recalled that Moon Jae-in has been broaching the subject of reunification ever since he took over the office.

The reactivation of the hotline by Kim Jong-un and his willingness to send his athletes to participate in the Olympics were positive signs. Moon Jae-in wants to take it to a logical conclusion. He is aware of the consequences of a nuclear confrontation and wants to avoid any such situation. He wants to work towards peace in the peninsula, and although the United States is an ally, in case of a war his country would be a prime target.