American liberals do not like President Trump but in London, England, British pro-Trump supporters displayed their displeasure with London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan when they disrupted his key-note speech during the Fabian Society symposium, calling for his arrest.

The supporters appear to have shown up at the meeting due to the London Mayor posting a comment on his Twitter account on Friday stating that U.S. President Trump was not “welcome” at all, to visit the UK. Trump had been scheduled to visit London with the opening of the new United States Embassy but he ended up withdrawing the visit because Khan and his government refused to treat him as they would any other U.S.

or foreign president.

The protesters' message

The pro-Trump supporters, in the video, posted on Social Media, expressed their resentment at Khan’s Twitter comment as he was about to commence speaking. In the video, a Trump-supporter stated that the group wanted to initiate a “non-violent” peaceful citizen's arrest. The pro-Trump supporters also stated that they had paid for a ticket to attend the event and that Khan and the Fabian Society were doing nothing more than undermining the UK’s constitution.

One of the protestors held up the American (United States) flag while another yelled that they want “Brexit” (withdrawal of the UK from the European Union) and that they want President Trump.

Kahn appeared to be calm during the pro-Trump supporters demonstration, looking through a newspaper until London’s police arrived to remove the demonstrators.

According to the Mirror.UK and Sky News, the group of pro-Trump demonstrators, who called themselves, “the White Pendragons” have outed and accused Khan of abusing his mayoral obligations and that his duty is to clean up the city (London), not dictate what president, especially President Trump, can visit the city.

After the protestors were removed from the conference, they headed to a local bar, Sky News political correspondent Laura Bundock reported.

President Trump asked if he’s a racist

Back in the United States, after President Trump signed a proclamation to honor Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, a reporter asked Trump several times if he was a racist, in reference to the alleged ‘sh*thole’ comment.

The alleged comment by President Trump was leaked by Illinois U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin who appears to have a history of lying, making up, and/or twisting comments from GOP officials in previous White House discussions.